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posted on 18th Mar 2013

Today’s blog is about your furry friends being part of your big day. As they say dog is man’s best friend, but should they be present at your wedding?

We spend everyday with them, and they are very much a big part of the family. So why shouldn’t our loyal pals be there?

What could be more magical than spending your big day with your cat, dog, horse or something a little more unusual, like a penguin!

Yes you heard me right the first time, there are such things as ring bearing penguins- fully house trained. What could have your guests gasp more than seeing you walk down the aisle followed by a couple of penguins!

Animals can be part of your day in whichever way you see fit. Some Brides have them walk them down the aisle as an modern twist on the usual father of the Bride, others have them as ring bearers. Traditionally horses have been used with carriages for transport but why not simply have your horse as guest of honour?

If you wish to give your furry friend an official job title, you can pick up special outfits for them so everyone knows what their job is for the day. You can also get custom made suits or tuxedos to match the rest of your bridal party.

Something you need to consider is your pets personality, do they always behave themselves? Animals behave very differently in various situations so always consider the animals well-being before bringing them along to the big day.

Will you get your pets involved?

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