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posted on 3rd Apr 2013

What you decide to do on your honeymoon is a big decision. You have spent the happiest day of your life with all of your friends and family and now it is time for you as man and wife to spend some quality time- just the two of you.

Deciding where to go can be a very difficult choice. With so many beautiful destinations to choose from, it may end up being down to budget instead!

If you opt for pure luxury, the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean come to mind- white sandy beaches, cocktails and total relaxation- what better way to spend your Honeymoon!

Some couples prefer a bit of adventure- scuba diving, sky diving, extreme fishing, quad biking, white water rafting, sailing, horse riding or climbing- if this sounds more like you then there are several destinations that can accommodate your needs.

If you are feeling a little more extravagant, 3 and 4 week honeymoons are becoming ever more popular. With couples seeing this as a once in a lifetime experience, why not? America, Australia or even a multi stop honeymoon could pack everything you have ever wanted in.

Or maybe stay a little closer to home. Europe is full of amazing destinations, whether you fancy a city break, gastronomic delight, historical tour or simply lazing on the beach- Europe can have it all!

So now the tough decision is up to you!

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