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posted on 16th Oct 2013

Happy ‘Real Wedding’ Wednesday! This week on the blog I am writing about a truly beautiful couple- Matthew and Sarah who were married at Leez Priory last Sunday.

The sun made an appearance- in October I know! It was mad but we loved it and Ben the photographer certainly did too!

Matthew and Sarah were married in the Tower at Leez Priory, one of the most popular places to get married in the venue.

It really sets the ‘Princess in the Tower’ love scene with its spiral staircase and quaint windows.

On behalf of everyone at Leez Priory Wedding Venue, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness as husband and wife.

Matthew and Sarah you make a truly beautiful couple, I really hope you can return back to Leez Priory very soon and reminisce on your fantastic day with us at Leez Priory Wedding Venue.

The venue is absolutely stunning- that goes without saying- and when I  receive photographs like these, it makes me realise how truly wonderful the venue really is and how gorgeous every wedding day at Leez Priory is too- regardless of the weather or time of year! And I think you will all agree!

Photographs by Ben at Lavenham Photographic

Jessica at Leez Priory

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