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posted on 9th Dec 2014

So all the planning and hard work leads up to this special moment….. it’s all about the I Do! The Wedding Ceremony, the part where you are united as a couple and legally wed! There are a variety of different ceremonies that can take place. From civil ceremonies, to blessings and humanist ceremonies. All are as special as one another but a personal choice of each unique couple.

The ceremony acts as a building block for the day and everything else is built around it, so it’s important to get it right! There are so many options and decisions you can make. From readings to music, whatever you choose your ceremony will be unique to you. I guarantee every little detail is considered, so we have listed a few options below that might just help you make those all important decisions.

Firstly let’s start with the music. We always suggest choosing roughly 7-8 songs to have played throughout your ceremony. 3 songs for while your guests are seated, 3 for while you are signing the register and then most importantly 1 for walking down the aisle and then another to walk back down. We frequently have a mixture of different music from the form of a CD or live music. If you are considering live music then a string quartet or a harpist create that special romantic setting.

The location is a very important choice. Here at Leez Priory we have a variety of options for you to choose from. Whether you love the idea of getting married outside underneath the historic Tower or in the beautiful Great Hall, there is something for everyone. Alternatively if you dreamed of a church wedding then speak to a church that’s local to you and then arrive in style to our opulent venue for your magical reception.

Readings by a close friend or family member are becoming more and more popular and is a lovely touch to the ceremony. Choosing the right reading or poem can be hard, but remember to choose something that will relate to you and create a personal memory.

And lastly we cannot forget the vows! Add a personal touch by writing a few special words to say to that special someone. Maybe recite a few lines from your favourite song or just simply say ‘I love you’.

No matter what you choose your ceremony will be magical and personal to you. Creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

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