2016 country wedding trends and why brides are loving rose gold

Outdoor lights and lanterns at night

With brides always on the lookout for the next big thing, it’s no surprise that wedding trends change quickly. To help ensure you get the best out of your wedding, here’s our pick of the very best trends of 2016.

Outdoor lighting

This year, we’re seeing more and more couples put just as much time and effort into decorating their outside space and gardens, as their inside reception areas. Couples are using solar powered string lights, lanterns and candles to conjure up spectacular scenes and create fantastic settings for their guests to enjoy.

Quirky cakes

With professionally produced wedding cakes putting a big dent in the wedding budget, it’s no real surprise that couples are beginning to turn their backs on traditional bakes and opt for something a little bit different instead. Though some couples have decided to use homemade cakes to cut costs, others have gone a different way altogether, with cheesecakes, doughnuts and cupcakes becoming increasingly popular on the dessert table.


Silverware is one of the biggest wedding trends of 2016, particularly when it comes to centrepieces. The bridesmaids outfits and the décor can be styled to match the metallic look, adding a celebratory sparkle to the colour palette and enhancing the features of your wedding venue.

Black and white photo of a reserved place at a table

Rose gold

One metallic hue that is proving especially popular with brides in 2016 is rose gold. Warm, eye-catching and stylish, rose or pink gold is being used more and more in wedding bands, wedding jewellery and accessories. As The Knot says, rose gold is “a softer way to incorporate sparkle and works well when mixing with a light color palette. That makes it the perfect color to accent an outdoor spring affair”.

Instagrammable elements

Unless you ask them not to, there’s a good chance that many of your guests will be uploading photos of your wedding to social media throughout the day. Rather than trying to fight this trend, brides are increasingly including ‘instagrammable’ elements like dressing up boxes, giant photo cut outs and exaggerated themes in their wedding décor and giving their guests something to photograph. Also, they are making sure to prepare hashtags for the day, referencing either the venue or the bridegroom’s names.

Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses

If you’re due to walk down the aisle as part of a bridal party this year, you’ll be pleased to hear that the days of matching bridesmaids’ dresses are long gone. Instead of forcing the entire bridal party into pink, puffy outfits, brides are now allowing their entourage to choose their own looks, with just a colour theme provided for bridesmaids to work around.

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