Out with the book in with the box – video guest box

Having a little message from everyone at your wedding is a great way to remember your day and your loved ones.

And while there’s nothing wrong with traditional wedding guest books, more and more couples are choosing to throw out the old, analogue book and opt for something virtual instead.

Digital guest books give visitors the chance to record a special video message for the happy couple. This video can then be treasured forever, and looked back on whenever nostalgia strikes.

If you’d like to keep a digital record of all the friends and family who attend your big day, a virtual guest book is the perfect choice. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a video guest box?

Traditionally, couples place a guest book on a table at the side or entrance to their venue. Loved ones are encouraged to write a supportive, funny, or sentimental message in the book and sign their name. The couple can then keep the book as a personal memento of their big day.

In recent years however, more and more couples are opting to forgo traditional guest books and are building video boxes instead.

These boxes contain an iPad – or other recording device – and allow guests to record a video message for the happy couple.

As @PCMag says, “Online guest books make it easier for people to share memories and well wishes via a platform with which most folks are familiar.”

How does a video guest box work?

You can create a video guest box in a number of ways. One of the most affordable is to download a virtual guest book app to your iPad and set the tablet up somewhere that’s easy to spot. You can build a wall around the iPad to create privacy and give all your guests a plain background for their video.

Once it’s all set up, guests simply go into the booth or box, press record, and leave their heartfelt message. The couple can then bring all the videos together to create a fantastic digital snapshot of their wedding day.

Sharing your virtual guest book

One of the best things about a virtual guest book is that it can be shared quickly and easily. This allows you to upload your videos to your wedding website or email them to friends and family.

As the years go by, and the videos become more dated – and more precious – you and your loved ones will really enjoy looking back at the videos and remembering your big day.

Another benefit of a virtual guest book is that it’s very affordable. Significantly cheaper than a personalised wedding guest book, virtual guest boxes can be created almost for free. If you’re working to a tight budget, this makes a digital guest book a great choice.

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