Choosing your bridesmaids and bridal party can be one of the hardest tasks in wedding planning. Your bridal party should be those friends and family who are closest to you and the ones that are always there to support you and be there whenever you need them. Whether they are family or friends they will be honoured to have been asked and will be guaranteed to help you throughout all your planning and especially on your ‘Big Day’.


The maid/matron of honor is generally the bride’s right-hand woman before and on the day of the wedding. Her main duties tend to include planning the hen party and helping the bride choose her dress.


The bridesmaids are there to assist the maid/matron of honor and the bride and help with any other little details that the bride wants them to do.


Your bridesmaids will be with you throughout the whole planning process. They can be there to help you pick your dress and ultimately will help you when choosing what dresses they will wear. Here at Leez Priory we see lots of different kinds of bridesmaids dresses and colours but ultimately their outfits usually tie into the theme that is being used throughout the wedding.


With friends and family around you throughout your whole wedding experience you are guaranteed to have one of the most perfect day!


Jess at Leez Priory

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