How to bring an ambiance to your wedding

Leez Priory ambiance

When planning your wedding it’s important to consider the kind of mood you wish to cultivate on your wedding day. Everyone considers their colour scheme, decor and song choice – but many couples forget to think about how they can cultivate an ambiance in a notable way. Read on for our advice on the key things to consider, in order to stir up a wonderful ambiance on your wedding day.

Choose a beautiful venue

An ambient wedding day is all about a beautiful venue and cultivated grounds.  Pick a venue with well-cultivated grounds and bold, evocative interiors – such as the striking Leez Priory. Ancient trees, wild flowers and red-bricked walls bring a romantic feel to the grounds of Leez Priory. The arched fireplaces, beamed ceilings, and the worn-brick walls of the Great Hall, the Coach House and the Tower all combine to create a powerful ambiance for your ceremony, welcome drinks, and evening celebrations.

It’s in the lights

Key to cultivating a warm, ambient field on your wedding day is ensuring you invest in your lighting. Candles naturally create a gorgeous glow, so be sure to fill your grounds and venue rooms with candles – there are a variety of candle options to choose from, depending on the style of wedding you are holding. Pillar and votive candles are two classic options that will suit any wedding day.

In addition, dimmed, warm lights create a cozy feel – so be sure to discuss your lighting options with your venue, who will be able to help set the perfect tone for the day.


Carefully consider your colour scheme

Your colour scheme is key in creating a certain ambiance – pale, soft pastels will bring a warm, romantic feel to your wedding day. Whereas brighter hues convey warmth and joy. Metallics are a great option for a glamourous air, as the Pretty Blog notes:

“Your colour scheme will most certainly be a major contributor to set the right mood for your wedding. Bright and bold colours instantly create a more fun, playful and informal atmosphere whereas a neutral colour scheme with touches of metallic sheen will portray an air of sophistication. Both styles can be festive, but it’s important to determine which style will reflect you as a couple stay true to your own unique style.”

Create a great playlist

A great ambiance is all about a great wedding day playlist.  A live band is always a wonderful option for creating a warm buzz on your wedding day. Ambient styles of music, such as jazz, are perfect for uplifting wedding guests and getting them out on the dance floor. In contrast, a great DJ can create a create playlist with romantic, feel-good songs – adding to the ambiance of your wedding day.

There are many ways to cultivate a warm glow on your wedding day, consider the venue, lighting and colour scheme and you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful ambiance.

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