Calligraphy and weddings – a match made in heaven

Calligraphy and a heart

When it comes to setting the tone for an event and giving your occasion a unique aesthetic, do not overlook the typography that you choose.

The typography you use for your wedding will have an impact on the look, the atmosphere and the style of your day. If you’re looking to add a sophisticated, romantic and personal touch to your wedding stationery, calligraphy is a great way to go.

Whether you take up the fountain pen yourself or hire a professional to create invitations, name settings and table plans for you; calligraphy can make a fantastic addition to your wedding look.



There’s just something about calligraphy that shouts out “luxury”. As The Knot points out, “from your invitation envelopes, to your favour tags, handwritten calligraphy will give your wedding paper a luxe, elegant look”.

The smooth lines, soft swirls and stylish flourishes of calligraphy work especially well with wedding imagery. Add metallic embossing or detailing for an extra touch of luxury.

Practice makes perfect

Though using a professional to create your wedding calligraphy will ensure a high quality finish, nothing quite beats the personal touch you get when you write the invitations and place settings yourself. Now, we’re not saying calligraphy is easy – and you’ll need to put a bit of practice in to get a good quality finish – but the satisfaction you’ll get from designing your own wedding stationery will be well worth the effort. What’s more, you’ll save a significant amount of cash and learn a new skill in the process.


Calligraphy can be used to enhance many of the decorations, pieces of stationery and detailing at your wedding. Use your newfound calligraphy skills to create unique invitations, stylish name settings and beautiful table plans. You can also turn your hand to creating a monogram or logo for your wedding, giving your event a personalised brand and a sleek look. Calligraphy can also be used to create bespoke signage throughout your venue, giving your wedding a unified look and helping to create an overall aesthetic.


Save the date


Thanks to its timeless look, calligraphy works well with a number of wedding themes. From vintage and retro celebrations to classic English country house events, calligraphy can be adapted to a variety of contexts and styles. This makes it the perfect typographical choice for couples who want complete control over their wedding stationery and for those who want to ensure their text complements their imagery, theme and overall look.

Though calligraphy is a great way to complete your wedding look, you’ll first need to find an unbeatable venue for your event if you want the celebration you’ve always dreamed of. Explore the outstanding range of exclusive use properties on our site to find out more.

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