How to choose a cut-off ages for children and teens at your wedding

The issue of whether or not to invite children to a wedding has been a hot topic for years now. As @InsideWeddings puts it:

“Though to some, a wedding wouldn’t be complete without cherub-faced children chasing each other between the dinner tables, many couples choose to keep their weddings just to adult guests.”

Children at wedding

For some, the fear that a wailing baby will ruin their vows is enough to forgo inviting children altogether. If you’re currently struggling with this dilemma, here are a few things to consider when deciding who gets an invite.

General rules

Unfortunately for couples trying to decide on a cut off age for invites, there aren’t any solid rules to follow. Although this may make things difficult, it does mean that you can do whatever works best for you. A lot of couples decide to allow babies that are still breast-feeding to make life easier for the parents. Others opt to include children over 12 or 13 while others invite all the teens, babies and toddlers they know to their big day.

Invite etiquette

Whether you decide to invite children and teens to your wedding or not, it’s crucial you make your decision clear from the get go. Clearly label invitations with the names of those you want to be there. If you have decided on a cut-off, write a little note explaining that, although you love kids, you’d like your wedding day to be an adult-only affair. This is a crucial step, as having unexpected child guests turning up will only make the big day more stressful.

Immediate family

Just because you’re not keen on including children in general doesn’t mean you have to exclude members of your immediate family. Most guests will understand if you want your little niece or nephew to be there but don’t want every teen or toddler attending your big day.

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