Advice on choosing your ‘something blue’

Blue veil“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence for your shoe.” This old wedding rhyme has lasted for more than a century, with many brides around the UK still upholding the tradition. However, many struggle to figure out what to to pick as their “something blue”. Read on for our advice on choosing your own.

Blue veils

Going for a lace or soft tulle veil that has been dyed blue can be a stylish way to fulfil your “something blue”. You have the option of going with a veil that has been fully dyed blue, or going for an ombre veil. This is white at the top of the veil and transitions into a darker shade of blue towards the bottom of the veil.  

A blue veil brings a vintage twist to a bride’s look; it’s perfect if your dress is of a vintage style too. In addition, a blue veil is a wonderful option if you have blue or brown eyes. It will really complement these hues and draw focus on your big day.

Blue jewellery

Blue jewellery

Another way to bring blue into your wedding day outfit is through your jewellery choices. There are endless blue jewellery options to choose from. An oversized blue cocktail ring will look striking against the stark white hue of a wedding dress. You can also go for a pair of statement earrings, a necklace fashioned from blue gems, or a bracelet threaded with blue beads.

Go Bold with your Dress

Blue dress

Colourful shades of wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular, with many brides now trading in their ivory and cream wedding dresses for a variety of vibrant hues. Blue is a wonderful choice for a shade of wedding dress.

Cobalt blue is a beautiful, rich shade that will flatter any skin-tone. In contrast, a powder blue retains some of the romance, charm and femininity of classic wedding dresses. It’s particularly flattering for women with very pale, cool-toned (skin that is blue based – with pink undertones) skin.

You can also bring blue into accents of your wedding dress. For example, you can dye your underskirt with a pale or bright blue dye. You can also go for a blue stash, will will look fantastic with any other blue elements within your dress – such as embellishments or stitched details.  

Keep it lighthearted

Something blue

When choosing your “something blue”, keep in mind it’s a lighthearted tradition, rather than a life-or-death choice. Bustle shares this little piece of wisdom to remember when shopping around:

“Whatever you choose, keep in mind that this is supposed to be a fun, light-hearted part of your big day, and not something to stress over — which is exactly why I’m doing most of the work for you.”

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