Advice for choosing your wedding day perfume

Perfume and flowers

For your wedding, lots of work will go into looking beautiful: choosing the perfect dress, drawing up a divine hair and make-up plan, and booking yourself in for special beauty treatments, will all feature on your to-do list. An equally important element of your big day, involves shopping for and picking out the right scent.

The traditional route

Choosing the right notes

Traditional wedding day scents tend to be floral fragrances: filled with the romantic notes of rose, jasmine, carnation, gardenia, and iris. You may prefer a more fruity fragrance, which can be an uplifting option for the day.

Michelle D’vaz, brand and marketing manager at The Perfume Shop (featured in Hitched), expands on choosing a fragrance bursting with fruit notes:  “fruity scents with notes of oranges and lemons, can help to lower stress levels as well as being understated and warm.”

If you have some favourite fragrances, then you may like to research the notes within your perfumes and consider other fragrances with a similar make-up. Shop assistants, working in perfume shops, will also be able to recommend you similar scents for your wedding day.

Your scent

Some brides prefer to stay true to themselves: deciding to wear a tried-and-true favourite scent is a nice way to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable as you walk down the aisle. If you are a low-key bride, who wants to feel ‘like herself’, going for your everyday scent is a great option.

In addition, you may have a special fragrance that you use for romantic dates, or one that your wore when you first met your partner and that you both share fond memories of. Going for a special scent, that celebrates the shared history between you and your future husband, is a lovely way to acknowledge the good times that you’ve shared throughout your relationship.

Buying a special scent

For your wedding day, you’re likely to play around with unique hair and beauty looks and settle on something a more special than your everyday beauty look. In order to match the occasion, why not shop for a special scent especially for your wedding day?

Sensual, flirty, or romantic: there are a variety of elegant and unique perfume blends to choose from. When shopping for your perfume, enlist the advice of the shop assistants, who will know their scents and will be able to help you pick out the right scent for you.

Choosing a special scent for your wedding will also serve as a nice memory of your wedding day, bottled up and ready to put a smile on your face for the future.

Perfume bottles

Create your own blend

In addition to going for your everyday scent or picking out a bottle, you might also like to craft your own unique scent for the day. This can be a fun way to play around with your favourite notes or allow you to incorporate memorable scents from your own relationship. Does your future husband always buy you roses? Then this might be one of the main notes you decide to include in your unique blend.

Your signature wedding day scent

Picking out a signature wedding day scent is a fun way to mark the occasion and will serve as a lovely memento of your wedding day.

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