How to choose the most appropriate undergarments for your wedding dress

Wedding corsetStumped as to what to wear under your wedding dress? Your undergarments will have a big role to play in helping your dress to look structured and seamless; good undergarments will help add some impressive sculpting to your figure and to show off your beautiful wedding dress.

Buy with your dress in mind

When considering your bridal undergarments, first you need to have your dress sorted! Knowing how your dress fits over your body is vital in choosing the right underwear. For example, if you’re rocking a strapless dress, then you’ll want something like a basque that will provide you with great support. In contrast to a strapless bra, which is often shapeless and clings to the body, rather than supporting it, a basque will provide superb support and the underwear will appear smooth and seamless under your dress.

If you’re wearing a strapless dress with a plunging neckline, then you may want to go for a corset. Corsets can seem scary and intimidating, bringing up images of tightly-bound women, struggling to breathe, but modern-day corsets are well-fitted without all of the aggravation.

It’s important that you go for a corset which is the right size for you, as this will vary depending on your waist size. For a corset to provide your with a striking hourglass figure, it’s generally recommended that you go for one that is two inches smaller than your regular waist size. Corsetters recommend that you practice wearing your corset in the run up to your wedding day, such as for a few hours each day in the weeks running up to your wedding, as this will help to train your waist and will ensure that you feel comfortable wearing your corset on the big day. Corsets will look beautiful with most wedding dresses and will really give you a striking figure, an ideal option if your wedding dress is figure hugging.

It’s important to consider your dress when buying your underwear, as you will want to make sure no obvious lines are on show; for example, the last thing you want is to have your bra straps showing. Some dresses will have undergarments already fitted into the dress, saving you the hassle of finding the ideal underwear for you, but many dressmakers are happy to sew your underwear of choice (think basques or corsets) into your dress for you, to provide a smooth look.

In addition, it’s important to try your bridal underwear on with your dress to see if it fits; many brides bring their undergarments to their dress fittings.

Consider your body shape

If you have a larger chest, then it’s important to note that your underwear will be needed to provide you with more support; go for a plunge bra, and don’t be tempted to go without!

If you’re an apple, or you’d like to appear a little slimmer in your wedding dress – going for shapewear, such as a fitted basque is a great option. In addition, a pair of fitted control shorts will help shape your bum.

If you are slim and you’d like to give the illusion of curves in your wedding dress – we suggest going for a push-up bra, or a basque or corset to provide you with an hourglass figure. As an hourglass, you’ll want to accentuate your curves by going for a basque or corset.

Buy something special

On your wedding day, your lingerie will help you feel sensual and confident so invest in something that you feel beautiful and comfortable in. Something tasteful and stylish will help you feel confident – but make sure it’s also comfortable, so you can really relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Also, consider which shade of underwear will work best with your dress and will help you feel most confident, as Brides Magazine note:

“As most wedding dresses tend to be ivory, white or cream, ideally nude, beige, cream and pastel tones work best. However, your lingerie is a great way to include your “something blue”, so if your dress is made of thick fabric or many layers, you can be more adventurous. If in doubt about your lingerie colour, stick to something that blends with your skin tone – a skin tone bra is always much better under white than a white bra as it won’t show through.”

Consider These Key Things

When shopping for your underwear, keep in mind your dress, body shape, and the style of underwear that will make you feel most confident. These key considerations will ensure you are happy with your underwear choice on your wedding day.

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