Alternatives to diamonds: going for a different engagement ring

Selection of gems

A diamond engagement ring is a classic, but you may be looking for something more unique for your bride-to-be. There are many wonderful alternatives to choose from; with a variety of colourful gems and alternative cuts of ring to choose from. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking out the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Explore other gemstones

There are many different kinds of gemstones that may better reflect your bride-to-be’s personality, taste, and style.

One of the great advantages of picking a different gemstone, is that it may be a better fit for your partner’s personality. For example, is your partner a vintage lover? Then she might be charmed by the simplicity, class, and old-school feel of a pearl engagement ring. In addition, sapphire, ruby, and emerald are all popular stones that will bring style and colour to any engagement ring.

You can also bring diamonds into the mix for a really unique look; for example, you could choose a diamond centrepiece and then choose to adorn the gem with pearls.

Go for a different kind of diamond

For a beautiful, alternative engagement ring, you don’t have to shun diamonds altogether. Pink, green, purple, blue, and orange; the world of diamonds goes beyond that of the classic white diamond. Coloured diamonds have become more and more fashionable over the years, with many turning to the brighter gems when considering their engagement ring. Coloured diamonds bring character and colour to an engagement ring, and are generally much more affordable than a ring with a white diamond.

Brown diamonds come in a beautiful shade of cocoa; retaining the original charm of a gorgeous, classic diamond – will dazzle with a different hue. Brown diamonds are generally much more affordable than their classic counterparts, and are generally the cheapest of the coloured diamonds, and are a great choice if you are looking for a beautiful engagement ring on a budget.

Your partner might also be charmed by a rough-cut diamond ring; these rings feature diamonds in their raw form, having not yet been cut or polished.

Bride showing off her wedding ring

Modern diamond settings

Ring charms and modern cuts are the new kids on the block, when it comes to diamond engagement rings. For modern cuts of diamond rings, you may look to look into nesting rings: this style of ring features a variety of diamonds, which are ‘nestled’ into the band.

‘Charm’ engagement rings, feature a hanging diamond, styled in a similar fashion to a charm bracelet (without the wide variety of charms). These rings bring a modern charm to the traditional engagement band.

Get inked

If you’re feeling particularly bold, you could decide to trade in your engagement ring for a tattoo. This can be a good option for a bold and alternative couple; looking to do things their own way, rather than fall in line with tradition.

Wedding Shop Inc explain the allure of trading a silver band for ink:

“If you and your special someone want a symbol of love you can’t lose, opt for matching tattoos on your ring fingers. This modern mark is super cool, and will last a lifetime—just like you and your spouse. Choose a simple, straight-forward design, like a heart or infinity symbol. Other engagement tattoo ideas could be your wedding date, your initials, or anything that represents your relationship. This non-traditional mark is often loved by the offbeat bride.”

Embrace a different style

Quirky gemstones, diamonds fashioned in vibrant shades, and ‘inked’ engagement rings: the world of engagement rings goes far beyond the classic white diamond.

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