Top 5 Disney inspired wedding receptions

Since its golden years in the 1940s, Disney has charmed generation after generation. Everyone has their favourite. It’s an increasingly popular wedding theme as a result. A Disney theme can mean anything from The Lion King to Fantasia, so it’s time to run down our top 5 Disney themes.


Our friends over at Hitched looked into the subject of including elements of Disney into your wedding. It all starts with stationery:

“Let your guests know exactly what to expect from your big day with some beautiful fairytale inspired wedding stationery.”

1. A Disney Combination

A gorgeous blend of all your favourite Disney themes is perfect if you just can’t decide what to go for. The Knot has the perfect list of 19 Disney inspirations to incorporate into your wedding decor, without it looking like a dodgy theatre production. We love the idea of a Beauty and the Beast rose centrepiece:

“Style a few rose centerpieces under a glass dome with a small string of twinkle lights for an elevated floral idea with just a hint of Beauty and the Beast vibes.”

2. Snow White

Did you know that the famous Disney production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released way back in 1937? To this day, it remains a fan of children of all ages. For a Snow White themed wedding, there are several beautiful elements you can incorporate.

For example, you could exchange the traditional bouquet for something a little more fruity, with a bouquet of red apples. Furthermore, use a rustic theme to fashion a Snow White extravaganza.

3. Star Wars

Star wars

Although it’s a recent acquisition, the Disney Corporation now owns the Star Wars franchise. It’s certainly a different choice when it comes to a wedding theme. The movies have a broad scope and a wide appeal, offering the chance for guests to dress up in a variety of outfits.

We love this article from Bridal Guide, which gives a fantastic photographic rundown of ideas for the Star Wars superfan.

4. Aladdin

This Disney classic remains hugely popular, largely due to Robin Williams’ memorable performance as the genie. It’s also a sensational theme for a wedding reception. We suggest lots of Moroccan lamps, and a lot of purple and rich reds. The theme is perfect for those who love a bit of Middle Eastern style. It’s also one of the most famous Disney movies of all time, so no one will be in any doubt as to the dress code.

5. Cinderella

A splendidly romantic theme if ever there was one! The Cinderella story is every little girl’s fantasy, and it’s one of the easiest themes to recreate for your wedding. Simply choose a palette that mixes essential Disney romance colours, like pristine white, pastel blue and yellow.

Choose the most romantic motifs you can, like sweet roses and white doves in the form of paper chains. Nothing is too over-the-top with this theme.

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