What to do if you don’t want to do speeches

Here at Leez Priory, we’re always looking for unique ideas that break with tradition. Weddings are a celebration of your love and your journey together, and as no two stories are the same, each and every wedding we host is as unique as the last. One wedding tradition that many are eager to skip are wedding speeches.

Most couples are embarrassed by wedding toasts, with the awkward stories and cringeworthy anecdotes two things they’d prefer to avoid on what should be one of the best days of their lives. For nervous brides and shy grooms, wedding speeches can be a nightmare for a number of other reasons. Those looking to host a more informal wedding may also want to forgo wedding speeches. Whatever your reason for loathing speeches, exploring the following alternatives will give you the inspiration you need to wave goodbye to this wedding tradition.

Video confession booth

Wedding speeches traditionally provide the ideal way to thank guests. They also help your nearest and dearest to share the love and support they have for you. But you don’t have to take to the stage to share your thoughts with the happy couple.

It’s no secret that wedding videography plays an integral role in celebrations big and small, so why not use video to ensure an interactive and fun alternative to wedding speeches?

Setting up a video confession booth will give guests the privacy they need to share their most personal and precious memories of the happy couple without airing this dirty laundry to the rest of the party. Some stories aren’t suitable for Granny’s ears! A digital guest book that you can look back on for years to come, the video confession booth will have you laughing and crying long after your wedding day has been and gone.

Table quiz

Wedding speeches have a whole other purpose: giving guests an opportunity to find out things they didn’t know about the bride and groom. You could say it’s the ultimate quiz! This got us thinking – surely there’s another format that could be used to get to know the happy couple other than traditional wedding speeches? One Fab Day provides the answer:

“This one is, admittedly, a bit unusual, but ever since we heard about a couple who met at a table quiz and had quiz-themed wedding speeches, we’ve loved the idea! It was actually pretty simple – the best man MCed a short table quiz featuring questions about the newlyweds. This is a really cute way to break the ice and involve your guests in the speeches, and it doesn’t require too much work, either, if you ask a bridal party member to organise it.”

Personal performances

Standing up in front of a room full of faces and pouring your heart out isn’t for everyone. You’ll still want to share your thanks and say some words about your new husband or wife. With speeches, planning makes perfect but delivering your speech in a way that your audience doesn’t expect is an alternative well worth exploring. Perform a rap, write and read a poem or do the same in story form to make your wedding speech a bit slicker and more interesting than the average.

You can even pre-record your speech in video form to ensure your messages are relayed in a way that you’re happy with on your big day. Recording your wedding speech ahead of time will certainly take the pressure off if you’re nervous about delivering a speech in person. You can even shake things up and get the best of both worlds, just like ex Everton footballer Jamie Milligan’s best man did when he stole the show with this unique and utterly hilarious video speech.

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