5 great gifts for just engaged couples

An engagement is just the beginning of a flurry of wedding-based activities, but it’s just as much of a milestone as tying the knot. Whatever way the engaged couple in your life is choosing to celebrate, you’ll want to give them a gift that’s as fabulous as they are. With so many great (and not so great) gift options available, saying congratulations in present form isn’t easy.  We reveal the best gift ideas for newly engaged couples so you can find the perfect way to say “I’m happy for you!”.

1. Help them to spend time together

Wedding planning is a process with a lot of moving parts. A newly engaged couple may find it difficult to spend quality time together as a result. So why not get them an experience instead of a conventional gift? Choose an activity that you think the couple will enjoy doing.

2. Personalise and create a memento

Personalised gifts are the ideal way to mark this very special occasion. Toast their coming together with a classic personalised champagne glass or tell the story of their relationship so far with a personalised story print. Again, take note of what your couple is interested in and give them a gift that they can cherish long after they get married.

3. Matching gifts are still big news

His and hers gifts shouldn’t be reserved for the wedding day. Those who love to enjoy a tipple together will benefit from matching glassware. Couples who prefer to exercise together may get more enjoyment out of matching water bottles.

4. Go DIY with a memory box or album

Getting married is an exciting life event and the beginning of a truly fantastic journey. To get to this stage, however, your couple will have shared some wonderful times and created many memories together. Paying homage to their journey so far with a DIY scrapbook or photo album is a great idea and a gift that is guaranteed to be treasured forever.

Don’t have the time to make something yourself? Purchasing a memory box will help them compile items from their most meaningful moments themselves.

5. Kick start the wedding planning process

Planning a wedding is hard work, but there are a number of gift ideas that may just come in handy in the weeks and months after engagement. From tailor-made wedding boxes to personal organisers, you can help the couple get their ducks in a row and plan their impending wedding day to perfection. Subscribing your couple to a membership site like wedify is another route to easing the stress that can often accompany the wedding planning process, as Confetti details:

“Treat the happy couple to everything they could ever need to plan their wedding! A wedify membership gives wedding planning couples access to amazing perks, like free tickets to The National Wedding Show, free copies of Confetti magazine and incredible wedding deals and discounts that will save them hundreds of pounds as they plan their wedding.”

You can also point the couple in the direction of our blog if they’re looking for the latest and greatest wedding advice. Our guide to staying within your wedding day budget is a must-read for just engaged couples.

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