From catwalk to wedding day – transcending trends

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Although wedding dress designers draw inspiration from a number of different sources, many look to the catwalk for their direction. And though some high fashion trends may be a little ‘out there’, there are many that work wonderfully when transferred from the catwalk to the aisle.

Low backs

low back dress

As many of your guests will view you from behind as you walk down the aisle, selecting a dress with a beautifully finished back is essential. One catwalk trend that’s becoming increasingly popular in bridal wear is the low cut back. Plunging from your shoulders right down to your waist, low backs can look truly sensational. Many of the most striking designs have embroidery or embellishments lining the cut out area, ensuring you look great from every angle.


Various dresses

Fringing is a fantastic way to add depth, style and extra detailing to a wedding dress. A gown with beaded fringing will look just as good sashaying down the catwalk as it will throwing shapes on the dance floor, so it’s no surprise this trend has crossed over from high fashion to bridal wear. Feathered fringing can also look fantastic while some brides might want to opt for textile-based adornments.

Adding colour

Colour is being used increasingly often in wedding dress design and we’re seeing more and more prominent names feature non-white dresses in their collections. As Bride Magazine says “We’ve seen the bridal colour palette increase from white and ivory to golds, champagnes and pinks over the last few seasons.” Many of the most recent catwalk shows have featured gowns in very pale shades of blue. Almost metallic in their aesthetic, these striking tones could well be one of the next big trends in wedding wear.

Metallic detailing

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Another catwalk trend that’s been embraced by the world of bridal wear is metallic detailing. Silver and pewter are two of the most common metals used to embellish wedding dresses as they compliment white and off-white tones and don’t distract from the overall look of the dress. While some designers have chosen to cover their entire gowns in a delicate armour of intricately arranged metal, others have used these precious materials to enhance specific areas of their dresses like the neck, waistline and skirt.

Sumptuous fabrics

Catwalks have been full of luxurious materials for the last couple of seasons and the trend has definitely found its way through to bridal wear. Soft, flowing silk, thick, sumptuous velvet and other alternative materials are being used more and more commonly by designers to add an extra indulgent touch to their dresses. If you’re planning a seasonal wedding, you can use this trend to your advantage by opting for rich, heavy velvet in the winter or light silk in the summer.

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