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Winter wedding bouquet

The visual splendour of a wedding is made apparent thanks to none other than the floral arrangements. Of course the beautiful wedding cake and other decorations add to the beauty of the preparations, but if the flowers aren’t right, it can often tip everything else off balance. Their importance lies in the fact that they are a major focal point for a bride when she walks down the aisle, a permanent focal point in every wedding photo and something that gives an aesthetic unity to the theme. So, do spend a good deal of your time deciding how the flowers will fit into the style you are going for. Getting this right will bring a serene harmony to the proceedings.

Writing over at Inside Weddings, Erin Migdol has laid out some fabulous ideas, consisting of the most popular wedding bouquets around. “To non-brides, all bouquets likely appear basically the same.” She writes “They’re simply an arrangement of flowers tied with ribbon, right? In fact, not all bouquets are created equal! There are actually a variety of styles that a bridal bouquet can fall under, depending on the shape and type of blooms. It’s up to you to decide which style complements your gown and ceremony style. For example, a larger bouquet may be a better fit for a formal vow exchange at a church, while a smaller, looser arrangement will match a casual garden celebration. Your florist will thank you for being able to tell her exactly which type of bouquet you want!”

Finding the Right Theme

Wedding bouquet being held by the brideThe shape and general style of the bouquet are extremely important factors to consider, especially if you’re aiming for a particular mood, whether it be bright and exuberant, or more relaxed and romantic. Now, it’s on to the themes. Indeed there are numerous themes one can incorporate, for example the teardrop bouquet was very popular up to the 1970’s, a quick glance at some old family wedding photos, and you will see that almost every bride from the 20’s onwards had this style cradling in her arms. As Amy Bowley, expert florist at Bo Boutique, says in Hitched “Traditionally this bouquet incorporated more streamline flowers such as calla lilies, orchids, delphiniums and long stemmed roses.” It offers a very chic and contemporary feel, yet, even if you are going for something more traditional, say a countryside or Victorian theme, it will suit perfectly. Amy continues, “with the contemporary movement of rustic and organic floral design, the presentation bouquet has become quite the style statement, creating a draped bouquet over the arm rather than a more structured bouquet which lies along the forearm. The new era of presentation bouquet uses oversized blooms such as hydrangeas, dahlias, and garden roses, with trailing elements such as amaranthus and asparagus fern.”

Seasonal themes offer an easier ride, as there’s always a specific set of flowers to choose from, which won’t cause too much of a headache for you and your florist. However, as pointed out in My Wedding, flowers don’t have to be the final choice. There are several alternatives – if you’re going for a winter wedding, then have pine cones and holly leaves fashioned into a bouquet; if it’s an autumn wedding, then a flurry of warm coloured leaves will be a pleasant surprise for your guests to admire.

If you choose to have a wedding ceremony at the historical Leez Priory, a dreamlike Tudor mansion, then try searching for local flowers or those that are grown specifically in the grounds, creating something intimate that will have a real historical flavour to it. The choices are indeed endless.

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