How to embrace the floral bridal hair trend

Floral hair trend

More and more brides are crowning their perfected wedding day locks with striking floral crowns, which reflect the season of their wedding. In recent years, there has been an explosion of this trend across the bridal beauty scene. In addition, a floral crown can be tweaked to suit your personal style and wedding day colour scheme, surpassing the fickle and uniform drawback of most bridal beauty and style trends.

The Bridal Emporium illustrates the appeal of going for a floral crown on your wedding day:

“Whether you are going for the bohemian bride look or whether you just want a touch of floral to accentuate your summer wedding, flower crowns are so very much in style! The best bit is you can go as bold or as dainty as you like, and choose from a variety of colours to match your wedding theme.”

Floral pins

In contrast to the bold and impressive floral crowns, why not go for the allure of the understated floral hair pin? Floral hair pins have been making waves in 2016, and it’s a trend set to continue well into 2017.

Floral pins are tiny floral hair clips that can adorn a range of wedding day hairstyles; nestled in-between the plaits of a fishtail braid, enlivening a loose bun, or perfected a sophisticated up-do; floral pins will bring a vintage charm and low-key appeal to your wedding day look.

Floral hair accessories

Crystal flowers

If you want to embrace the floral trend and your eyes are drawn towards all that sparkles, then you may want to take a look at some crystal floral hair accessories. Crystal floral hair accessories bring sophistication to a wedding day hair style. Floral tiaras, flower grips, and hair pieces that have been adorned with sprays of crystal flowers, are some of the gorgeous options to choose from if you want to recreate this look.

Modern blooms

Crystal flower hair pieces and traditional floral blooms can bring a vintage feel to a bridal look, but there are many ways to embrace the floral bridal trend in a contemporary way. One way to do this is to pick floral hair pieces that are metallic; go for flowers that have been dipped in gold or silver paint.

You could also go for flowers in bold colours; vibrant turquoise, burnt orange, and pink purple. Bold, modern, vibrant hues will lend a modern twist to the floral look.

From sophisticated crystal hairpieces, to regal floral crowns the floral bridal hair trend is a key theme for 2017 bridal beauty.

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