Top tips to get you to the church on time

Even the most punctual brides and grooms struggle to get to their ceremony venue on time on their wedding day. There are simply so many things to think about on the morning of your wedding day and whilst it’s every bride’s prerogative to be a little late, missing your entire ceremony is far from ideal! On your wedding day, you want to be stunning and glowing – find more tips for guaranteeing a glowing look on your wedding day here – not panicked and flustered. Avoid the latter and get to the church or your ceremony venue of choice on time on your special day with this expert advice.

Arrive on time

Get wedding day timings right

A lot of thought has to go into creating your wedding schedule. Timing your wedding right is the key to getting a handle on wedding day anxiety so you can get to where you need to be at the correct time. Wedding Ideas  shares their top tips for organising your wedding day timings:

“It’s always an excellent plan to do trials of hair and make-up before your big day – not only to discover what style really suits you but also to establish how long this will take for all involved. Time how long it takes to get to your ceremony and reception venues and do it on the same day of the week as you’re getting married, as a Tuesday will have different traffic to a weekend. A wedding rehearsal is always a good idea too, so you can see how long this part of the day takes. It’s also important, when working out timings, to give yourself some extra minutes in case of any unforeseen emergencies and mishaps.”

Make sure it’s not just you who’s familiar with your wedding schedule. Give a copy of your timings to all the key members of your party and your suppliers to ensure mishaps and mix-ups can be avoided.

Give yourself extra time

Knowing how long prep tasks take before your wedding day arrives is a great way to make sure your schedule is as realistic as possible. If you’re prone to a little lateness, adding extra time onto each task will give you that breathing space you need as well as account for any delays that are out of your control. This breathing space won’t just be helpful for you, your partner and your wider bridal party but for your suppliers too.

Get prepared the night before

Preparation is the key to punctuality. Use the night before your wedding day to familiarise yourself with your wedding schedule and prepare as much as you can for the morning of your big day. Lay out your wedding attire, footwear and accessories to avoid frantically searching for a missing clothing item or earring the next morning. Make sure those last minute beauty tasks, such as painting nails, plucking eyebrows and washing your hair, are completed before you go to bed. If you’re staying at home, prepare the breakfast and snacks that you’ll be eating on the morning of your wedding day.

Being as prepared as possible will give you time and space to relax and even enjoy your wedding morning.

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