Great gifts for your bridal party

They’ve supported you through the highs and lows of wedding planning, as well as in the years prior to your engagement. They’ve even put up with your bridezilla tendencies as your big day approached. What better way to say thank you than with a little token of your appreciation?

After spending your budget bagging the big day of your dreams, you may think there’s very little you can get with what’s left. You’ll be pleased to hear that there are a number of gifts that are perfect for giving to each and every member of your bridal party.

Gift ideas

Buying the ideal gifts for your bridesmaids isn’t easy. Unlike your own wedding gift list, you’ll have no department store or online registry to pick the perfect present from. In this blog post, we reveal the top tips for bridal party gift buying and the etiquette involved in giving gifts to your bridesmaids, as well as give you a few ideas about the top bridesmaid gifts out there right now.

Tips for choosing the perfect present

Several stores advertise so-called ‘perfect presents’ for your bridesmaids. This doesn’t always mean they’re the right gift for you. Try following these golden rules to say a proper thank you:

  • Avoid getting matching presents – We love the matching robes that brides give to their bridal party to help them get ready in style but making sure your bridesmaid gifts are as individual as the people you’re giving them to is important. That extra thought is a gift in itself so consider the style and interest of each party member.
  • Make it reusable or re-wearable – as with choosing your wedding favours, avoid clutter-causing, novelty gifts. The bridesmaid gifts you choose should be reusable or re-wearable. That way, they’ll bring back some great memories of your wedding day in the months and years that follow!
  • Don’t forget the wrapping – presenting your bridesmaid gift in a pretty little box is all well and good but it’s the handwritten card that accompanies the gift that holds all the emotion-inducing power. Say thank you with your gift and a few words, being specific about why you’ve valued their friendship and company as your wedding day approaches.

Top bridesmaid gift ideas

Going bespoke is the perfect way to pay homage to each and every bridal party member’s personality and contribution. Parcel London puts together some great, tailor-made packages full of luxurious trinkets that your bridesmaids will adore. The bespoke vibe doesn’t end there. You can create your own personalised bridesmaid gift bag full of the bits and bobs your friends and close family members love with Fora Creative at Not On The High Street. Got a bigger budget to play with? Everyone loves perfume, whilst personalised jewellery and stationery both offer great keepsakes for bridesmaids.

Giving your bridal party gifts

As with any aspect of a wedding, giving your bridesmaids gifts comes with its own etiquette. US based Belvedere Banquets offers essential advice on timing gift giving just right:

“Traditionally, brides present their bridesmaids with gifts at the rehearsal dinner. Typically, the bride will give a toast to their bridesmaids and present them with their gifts one by one. For a change of pace, you might consider scheduling a bridal luncheon just for the girls. You get a little time together free from the demands of wedding planning, and you can present each member of the bridal party with their gift.”

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