Hats and fascinators – choosing a statement headpiece

Wedding hat

When dressing for a wedding, you want to go for an outfit that is a little different from your everyday attire. We are all for vibrant hues, fun patterns, and charming metallics when it comes to making a real statement with your wedding wear. Bold accessories will really help dress up your attire and no accessory does it better than at statement headpiece. There are a number of different hats and fascinators that you can wear on the wedding day, so let’s explore the range of styles available to you.

Angled Hats

These rounded, angled hats reveal one side of the face more than the other. These hats tend to be bold, with a large rim. Generally decorated with flowers or feathers, these hats are a wonderful choice for making a statement.

Low, Wide-Brimmed Hats

While these hats are traditionally classic in style, ideal for a prim-and-proper, dressed-up wedding day look, you can also style these hats in a more contemporary way. Going for a simple wide-brimmed hat in a neutral shade, such as cream, tan or black can bring a chic, bohemian look the the classic wide-brimmed hat. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat in such a style will lend your look an on-trend and cool air. Style your hat with feathers or buttons, to help dress it up – while still retaining that laid-back appeal.

The Ribbon Rim

A ribbon-rim hat is wide-brimmed and floppy, always styled with a ribbon around its middle. The wide-rimmed, floppy style is more often associated with relaxed, casual wear, but it’s a great choice if you’re going to a low-key ceremony that embraces the bohemian vibe.

A ribbon or slim piece of rope sits well on wide-brimmed hats verging on floppy territory. This relaxed style can be thrown on over roomy jersey and jumpers to perk up the most basic of ensembles.


If you’d like to go for something more unique, why not opt for a fascinator? Fascinators are classic wedding chic, yet few people are brave enough to incorporate them into their own style for the day. Fascinators are generally fashioned from feathers and netting. Coastal Virginia Mag explores the fascinator appeal:

“The term fascinator originally referred to a lacy head covering, but now refers to a delicate head accessory worn by women—a stylish alternative to a hat. While many hats have a purpose, such as protecting the wearer from the sun or rain, today’s fascinators are decorative and just plain fun!”

Choosing a hat that suits you

There are many styles of hat to choose from, but how do you find the right hat for you? While you may relate wedding day attire to pastel colours, make sure to match your hat to your skintone. Pastels generally work well on women with fair skin, eyes and hair. Whereas women with darker hair and pale skin look far more striking in a hat of a darker hue. If you have an olive skin-tone, then embrace a hat in a warm shade, such as a burnt orange or olive green. If you’re darker skinned, a brightly coloured hat will play up your skin-tone beautifully.

Whether you’re a laidback or glamorous dresser, you can make a hat work for you. Some formal hats are perfect for dressing up for a wedding, especially if they sport some gorgeous feathers, or flowers. However, hats are also a great accessory to go with if you’re looking for low-maintenance styling for wedding day attire, as they save the time it would take to style a elegant up-do, or the time it may take to style your hair with curlers or straighteners.  A simple ribbon-rimmed hat is ideal if your style is low-key, as it will look cool and laidback and never overdone.

Hats and fascinators can really dress up your guest attire for a wedding. Why not try a few different styles on in a shop to find the right style for you?

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