Honeymoon beauty advice

Makeup being applied

Every woman wants to look beautiful on her honeymoon, but she also wants to relax and enjoy her time with her new husband; honeymoon beauty is all about low-key, effortless glamour. Below, we explore how to pull off the relaxed beauty that’s ideal for the honeymoon holidays.

Style your hair in relaxed waves

Whether you are off on a tropical getaway, or you are hitting the romantic streets of Paris for the ultimate romantic retreat, you’ll want to spend your time enjoying yourself; so going for some relaxed waves is an easy way to save time on your beauty regime, while keeping your hair looking on top form. A quick way to style your hair and achieve a pretty look, is to run a smoothing serum or leave in conditioner through your hair when it is wet, in order to smooth the hair shaft and combat any frizz. Next, follow this up with a squirt of mousse and gently scrunch your hair; once your hair is dry you should be left with some pretty waves, or bouncy curls (if your hair is naturally curly).

Arrange some beauty treatments before you go

To save yourself time and effort on your honeymoon beauty regime, why not organise some special treatments before you go? If you’re heading to the beach, a manicure and spray tan are both smart beauty choices, that will help you to feel relaxed and naturally beautiful while you’re kicking back on the sand. For a sophisticated honeymoon to a buzzing city destination, you may like to get your eyebrows filled in and threaded, or have your hair deep conditioned.

Bridal Guide’s Jenna Mahoney, agrees with the holiday beauty prep approach: “I never get on a plane without having a mani/pedi. That way, I don’t have to tote nail polish et al. If I’m going to a wedding or other major event like a resort opening, I often get a blowout the day of departure, so I’ll arrive with party-pretty hair.”

Don’t forget your sunscreen

If you’ve planned a honeymoon full of beaches and sunshine, don’t go anywhere without your sunscreen. Nothing will derail your look more than sore, sunburnt skin (and it’ll be no fun for you having to nurse your burnt skin inside your hotel room). Go for a light and silky, non-greasy formula that you can layer under any makeup.

A heart shape made from stones on the beach

Go for weather friendly products


While drawing up your beauty plan, have a think about the kinds of products suited to the weather of your chosen destination. If you’re going somewhere hot and humid, go for long-lasting makeup with SPF and waterproof mascara. If you’re honeymooning somewhere with a colder climate, you may like to go for makeup that’s more dewy, to keep your skin moisturised and fresh all day long.

You’re all set

Now you’re all set for your honeymoon beauty, enjoy relaxing and soaking up the sunshine with your husband.

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