What to pack for your honeymoon

Whether it’s a luxury or budget trip, a hot or cold break, a staycation or far flung destination, a honeymoon is the ultimate reward for couples who have tirelessly planned their wedding day and had a great celebration.


According to Hitched’s 2017 Wedding Survey Results, the honeymoon is the second largest area of expenditure (after the wedding venue) for couples tying the knot. This means making the most of your first trip away as a married couple is essential. Read on to discover what to pack for your honeymoon and kick off married life in style!

Coordinate with your destination

Needless to say if you’re indulging in a ski holiday to celebrate the start of married life, what you pack will differ dramatically to what you’d take on a luxurious break in the Caribbean. Brides offers some words of wisdom for coordinating with the climate of your honeymoon destination:

“Your packing list will be determined, to a great extent, by where you’re going to honeymoon. If you’re headed off on a ski adventure in the Alps, half of your luggage will be ski gear. A bride packing for a honeymoon at a tropical resort might not need as much luggage as she thinks because itty bitty bikinis and sundresses don’t take up nearly as much room.”

Wherever you’re going on your honeymoon, packing smart, not big, is the key to travelling comfortably to your destination. Big heavy bags are just a pain to travel with and they’re unnecessary even if you plan on indulging in multiple outfit changes.

Mix the old with the new

You want to look and feel fabulous on your honeymoon, but you needn’t splurge to look great on your trip away. Treat yourself to a few new clothing items for your honeymoon if your wedding budget allows, but don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new, especially when it comes to your footwear.

Shoes that haven’t been broken-in are generally a big no-no, especially if you’re going exploring or having an adventure. Whether it’s walking boots, trainers or high heels you’re taking along, pack broken-in shoes or spend some time breaking them in to prevent blisters and other issues from blighting your honeymoon. Your feet will thank you for it!

Don’t forget the essentials

Although much of your packing list will be dedicated to the outfits you want to wear on your honeymoon, you can’t enjoy your trip without the right documentation in tow. As well as taking the original documents needed for travel, such as your passport, hotel confirmation, plane tickets, excursion passes, emergency contact information and itinerary, make photocopies of them so you’re fully equipped should you require replacements. It’s also better to carry essentials, including medication, with you on the plane, rather than pack them in your hold luggage.

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