What about the Somethings?

It’s the morning of your big day and you’re probably taking this traditional Victoria rhyme into consideration as you get ready. But what does it actually mean?


Something Old
This represents the Bride’s link with her past – more specifically, to the Bride’s life with her family. Many decide to wear a family heirloom (their grandmother’s pearls, for example or an ancestor’s brooch pinned inside their dress) on the day.


Something New
If the ‘old’ is the past, the ‘new’, of course, is the future – something fresh to start your new lift with. Most Brides opt for their wedding dress or shoes as the ‘new’ option.


Something Borrowed
If you borrow something you have to return it, and this line is to remind the Bride that her family will always be around for her. How about ‘borrowing’ your father’s handkerchief, or mum’s bracelet? Then you will have to see them for a post-honeymoon Sunday lunch to give it back.


Something Blue
Back to biblical times, the colour blue meant purity, wearing something blue at your wedding, as well as white, gives you two chances to fib about how innocent you are. Most Brides go with a blue bow on their garter for this one, but many more modern ideas include stitching something blue into the dress or writing your Groom’s name in blue ink on the soles of your shoes.


And a Silver Sixpence in your Shoe
This is the line everyone forgets (well, walking with money in your shoe is uncomfortable), but it symbolises future wealth. Given the state of the economy, it might be wise to pop a coin in your left louboutin.

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