Marrying with children? Making your kids feel extra special

Traditionally, couples would tie the knot before having kids. Nowadays, people make their own choices about marriage and children. Marriage rates may be at their lowest level on record since the early 1970s according to the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) findings, but an increasing number of couples getting wed already have children. Whether you have young children or your kids are a little older, incorporating them into your wedding ceremony and reception is a magical thing.

Couple and child

Making it official when you already have children makes your dream wedding more of a family affair. There are several meaningful ways you can get the entire family involved to ensure everyone is in on the celebration.

Make planning a family activity

There’s a variety of wedding planning activities that are perfect for getting the kids involved. Having some fun with arts and crafts is a great way of crossing simple but time-consuming tasks off your wedding checklist and getting creative with all the family. Get your little ones involved in handwriting your wedding guests’ place setting cards, stamping envelopes for those all-important save the dates, and creating unforgettable and truly personal favours.

And what child wouldn’t want to be a part of your wedding cake tasting? Your kids can even be a part of your cake thanks to the personalised cake toppers used on every tier. Once the food has been approved, why not get them involved in creating their own signature drink? Milkshakes and non-alcoholic cocktails will provide that much needed boost on your wedding day.

Bestow a thoughtful gift

Your wedding memories are something that you and your partner will treasure for the rest of your lives. Giving your child a physical gift is a lovely way to make the occasion even more special. Your wedding gift doesn’t have to be extravagant. Keep it thoughtful and give them something they’ll cherish forever.


Give them a starring role

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are vital parts of your big day so give your children a starring role in your bridal party. Flower girls and ring bearers are not only super cute but stars of the show. Your younger children will be ideal candidates for these parts. If your parents are no longer around to give you away, having your older child walk you down the aisle is a beautiful touch. Parents Magazine details the official duties that will get your children stuck in:

“Giving your kids official wedding duties is a great way to get them involved in your big day, whether its ushering guests to their seats, walking the bride down the aisle, or serving as maid of honor or best man. Just let their age and comfort level be your guide. Seven-year-old Vincent served as the best man to his dad Nick at his wedding to Lauren, even giving a great speech to his new parental unit. Children can also read a special poem or passage during wedding ceremonies or even perform a song, depending on where their talents lie.”

For braver couples, asking your kids to write your vows can provide a powerful insight into just how special your relationship is.

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