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Whether your wedding budget is on par with the national average, or you’ve been saving hard to enjoy the big day of your dreams, ensuring that you use the right professionals to plan and execute your very special occasion is important. One factor that shouldn’t be compromised on is your wedding photography. As the proud host of weddings of all tastes, styles and sizes, we’ve been lucky enough to work with wedding suppliers that are just as passionate about what they do as we are.

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Many of the wedding suppliers that we work with form part of our recommended services, a list of handpicked professionals that our team recommends to the couples marrying with us. Lavenham Photographic is one wedding supplier that has a special place in our heart. As a former Leez Priory employee, it’s safe to say that founder Ben Brown knows our venue and grounds like the back of his hand. He’s been photographing weddings here for around 17 years now so we thought we’d shine the spotlight on Ben for once to find out more about why his photography service is an excellent choice for your upcoming wedding.

A long history with Leez

As we’ve mentioned, we’ve worked with Ben for the past 17 years. During this time, he has photographed more than 500 weddings in our house and grounds. Whilst his talent and passion for photography has always been evident, we first encountered Ben long before he became the professional wedding photographer he is today.

During his training days, Ben actually worked with us as staff. He even met his wife here while she worked as our Head Waitress. The personal connection doesn’t end there. The pair returned to Leez Priory to get married, enjoying the charm and character that Ben so easily captures in his photographs for other couples.

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Working with a regular

There are so many perks that go hand-in-hand with working with a regular like Ben. His long history collaborating with Leez as well as that personal connection he has with the venue and its staff comes in handy and translates to create stunning wedding imagery for each and every couple he photographs. The expertise, experience and first-hand insight offered by Ben means that guests are guaranteed memorable and beautiful wedding albums that they can look back on in the months and years that follow. In addition to developing a route of his own to capture all the best parts of Leez’s house and grounds (as well as all of his favourite locations), Ben has perfected his timings to deliver a picture perfect outcome every time:

“We all know a wedding day, from the eyes of the bride and groom, goes by all too quickly. That’s why I always aim to balance my timings to allow as much time as possible to chat with guests and capture the atmosphere, whilst at the same time arranging as many group photos as required. Having time to take photos around the grounds is also important. It’s something I’ve gotten quite used to doing over many years in wedding photography. If everyone can feel they aren’t being rushed from one thing to the next, the photos certainly have a more relaxed feel about them. On another note, I’m constantly grateful for the amazing recommendation of such a great venue. I know that the relationship I have with the venue management, wedding planners and staff on the day is nothing short of a huge benefit to the smooth and relaxed running of each and every wedding that I capture!”

Find out more about how Lavenham Photographic can help make your day at Leez Priory extra special by visiting Ben’s dedicated website.

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