Romantic shots from our Leez Priory photographers

With its beautiful red-bricked building and romantic grounds, Leez Priory perfectly sets the scene for enticing wedding day photography. We have a host of great professional photographers that take some striking shots for our happy newly weds. Take a look at some of our favourite wedding day shots from our professional photographers.

Warm hues and shifting focal points

Warm huesThe warm hues of this photograph from Neil Bailey immediately draw the eye. All the elements play their part, from the warm glow of amber lights and the red baubles of the Christmas tree, to the beautiful exposed brick of the wall behind. The colourful cocktails on the server’s tray add a punch of red and orange.

Unlike many wedding photos that feature the bride and groom, this photo is intriguing to the viewer because the saturated, bold colours of the items in the shot take centre stage. The bride is depicted as being immersed within the environment, rather than the environment serving solely as a backdrop. This photo draws the viewer into the festive celebrations – you’ll relive this moment every time you look at it.

The close up

Close upThis Leez Priory shot is by one of our most popular wedding day photographers, Ben Brown of Lavenham Photographic. It beautifully captures a warm moment between the couple. We love the intimacy of the shot; the photographic closeup captures the joyful expressions on their faces. The photographer also draws attention to the stylistic choices this couple made, with the bride’s dress and hair styling brought into sharp focus.

This shot also has pretty diffused lighting that lends a light glow to the photograph and highlights the bride’s skintone and the stark ivory hue of her dress, in contrast to the rich black of her new husband’s suit.

Whites and brights

Whites and brights

This gorgeous shot of a newlywed couple kissing and their friends holding sparklers behind was taken by popular wedding day photographer Tom Halliday, from Tom Halliday Photography.

We love the creative flair of this photo, with the couple’s friends spelling out ‘Love’ with sparklers in the background. In addition, he contrasting shades within the photograph give the photo an even more captivating edge. The midnight blue of the sky behind and the groom’s suit contrasts strikingly with the warm glow of the sparklers and the whiter hues of the bride’s and bridesmaids dresses.

Better Travel Photos highlights the impact of high-contrast colour photos on their blog: “In colour photography, contrasting colours are used to make a photo truly eye-catching. For instance, yellow contrasts well with blue, red with green, purple with orange, and so on. By including a subject of a strikingly different colour than the background or the surrounding subjects, we immediately draw attention to it.”

Romantic wedding day photos from Leez Priory’s professional photographers

Our recommended wedding day photographers are able to perfectly capture the special moments of your wedding day. They are skilled at bringing an artistic flair to their wedding days photographs, by utilising complementary and contrasting colours, as well as intimate closeups.

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