Making sure you and your guests go the distance at your wedding

Your wedding guests will play an instrumental role on your special day. Just like your bridesmaids, groomsmen and other important wedding party members, your guests have roles and responsibilities to fulfil. Prior to your wedding, your guests are responsible for sending their RSVP. On the day itself, they must arrive on time, adhering to any dress code stipulated on your invitation. Other than abiding by these strict wedding etiquette rules, guests have to go the distance to celebrate this very special occasion with you, making it as memorable as it can be for all the right reasons.

Wedding guests

Although it’s a wedding is a wonderful celebration, guests can begin to tire long before your DJ plays that final song. As a host, it’s your responsibility to ensure your guests remain well-fuelled so they can enjoy the party with you until the early hours.

Throw in some seasonal extras

When you get married is just as important as where. Most choose to tie the knot in the popular spring and summer seasons, but an increasing number of couples are opting for autumn and winter weddings. The chances of snow and less pleasant weather conditions are higher during the autumn and winter months. Make sure you and your guests are prepared for whatever the elements might throw at you.

In addition to advising on a weather-appropriate dress for your wedding, you can leave some room in the budget to supply blankets, wellington boots or umbrellas to ward off rain, snow and cold. The same theory applies during the warmer months. Make sure your guests go the distance by supplying sun cream, ice lollies and shaded areas.

Provide transport straight to their door

Whether you’re a local or travelling from a different county to celebrate your wedding with us, making your wedding safe and convenient to attend will make sure more guests stay for the entire celebration. There’s nothing worse than enjoying some wedding wine only to discover that the local taxis are unavailable or too expensive.

Round-trip shuttles from your guests’ nearby hotels to the venue will ensure they can leave the car behind and really let their hair down.

Keep the day varied and interesting

Your wedding day is certain to be everything you’ve ever dreamt of, and more. It’s up to you to keep all your guests satisfied from the minute your ceremony starts until the moment your reception ends.

Keep your itinerary as varied and interesting as possible, giving guests plenty to do and to see. On the table activities are a great way to keep guests entertained in between courses, for example. A guest book can provide another excellent distraction during any downtime, and a trusty photo booth always gets the thumbs up from younger and older wedding guests. A designated lounge space where guests can rest their tired feet will also be a much appreciated touch to your wedding, particularly as the night draws to a close.

Remember food is the way to guests’ hearts

Much thought will have gone into creating your wedding breakfast menu but keeping you and your guests fuelled throughout the day shouldn’t just be the job of your four-course wedding breakfast. Dancing burns a whole lot of calories! Late night snacks of doughnuts, ice cream, confectionery and other sweet treats will provide the energy required to keep the party going.

Give guests goodies to keep them going

Your wedding welcome bag will introduce the wedding day essentials guests need to enjoy your wedding day to its fullest. The Knot offers their advice on filling your wedding welcome bags with the goodies guests want:

“The whole idea behind the welcome bag is to make your guests’ stay more comfortable, so keep them from raiding the minibar. Fill their bags with sweet and savoury snacks that will tide them over if they arrive after dinner or if they have a late-night hankering post wedding dance party.”

Your wedding welcome bags are also the perfect way to say thank you to guests for celebrating this very special day with you.

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