The best makeup for your wedding photos

A bride getting her wedding makeup

Every bride wants to look beautiful in her wedding photos, and the key to looking striking is to make sure you are wearing the right makeup. Makeup will likely appear different on camera than it does in person, so it’s important to consider this when you’re figuring out which items to include in your bridal beauty arsenal.

Prep your skin

The camera can often easily pick up on skin that looks dry or is oily. In order to get yourself camera ready on your big day, make sure that your skin is exfoliated and well-moisturised. This will also ensure that your makeup goes on smoothly and doesn’t look cakey in your photos.

Get your base down

The camera will highlight concealer and foundation, so make sure that your concealer is well-blended with your foundation: it’s best to bring concealer down to your cheekbone, so there isn’t an obvious line of concealer beneath your eyes. In addition, be sure to prep your face with a primer, which will help your makeup go on smoothly.

Ditch the SPF

SPF is a wonderful anti-aging ingredient, but it’s better to keep it out of your skincare and beauty products on your wedding day, as SPF can give you a ghostly cast in photos.

Control oil

A dewy glow looks beautiful on any bride, but don’t go overboard with makeup and beauty products that contain lots of shimmer, or which are extra moisturising, as this can lead you to appear oily in your wedding photos. If your skin is oily, opt for a matte setting powder, and stash some blotting papers in your maid of honour’s bag, if your skin starts to feel more oily throughout the day.

Eye makeup

Make your features stand out

Make sure that your features stand out on camera: highlight your key features, using a highlighting product, and lightly shade underneath your cheekbones to bring out your bone structure.

In addition, you want to make your lips and eyes stand-out: lining your eyes with eyeliner and using a thickening and lengthening mascara will go a long way in ensuring that your eyes pop on camera. Make sure that your lips don’t fail to make an impression, by using lipstick.

In addition, filling in your brows will help make your eyes look defined and help give a more polished and youthful look. Using a brow pencil, and starting beneath the brow, will make your eyebrows look naturally full.

Try false eyelashes

Contrary to what you may think, false lashes do not have to look obvious: using natural looking false lashes will really make your eyes look defined and beautiful.

Regan Rabanal, senior artist at MAC Cosmetics, notes: “they’re meant to enhance your eyes and natural lashes, which is why basically every celebrity ever wears them on the red carpet.”

Camera ready

Prepping your skin, defining your features, ditching SPF and high-shimmer products, will go a long way in helping you to look stunning in your wedding photos.

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