Makeup tips for blondes

Makeup tips

It can be hard to pinpoint killer makeup shades for blondes, as there’s such a wide variety in the shade of blonde hair you can possess. Read on for our advice on picking the right shades for you and how best to style the rest of your makeup for your wedding day.

The foundations of foundation

Blondes tend to have a redness to their skin, which is why professionals recommend investing in a high-coverage base, as Schwarzkopf note:

“Redness and skin blemishes are particularly obvious on the often very light skin of blondes. You should therefore use makeup for medium to high coverage, unless nature has granted you an amazing complexion. Be sure to select makeup colors going toward neutral beige to slightly yellowish. You should steer clear of any rose makeup hues.”

Find your perfect shades

Frosty shades of blonde tend to go hand in hand with pale, blue-based skintones and as such cool toned palette – filled with pale pinks and silvers,  will work beautifully on ice-blonde brides-to-be. Eyeshadows which are pale pink, light beige, or silver look beautiful with pale skin and light blonde hair; light blondes also tend to have lighter coloured eyes, often blue or pale green and these shades play up the cool tones in the eyes wonderfully (blue eyeshadow can also work well with blue eyes).

Light pink or peach lipstick and glosses look fabulous on women with light blonde hair. You may think that you’re limited to only one or two colour choices, but makeup brands, such as MAC, have an extensive number of pink and peach shades to choose from, in both lipstick and lip-gloss formulas.

If you have a warmer shade of blonde, with golden or honey tones in your hair, then you can play around with a wider variety of shades; you’ll want to stick to warm colours, such as golds, coppers, warm peaches and browns.

For both warm and cool blondes, the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay offer an array of gorgeous shades in buttery, high-quality powdered formulas, their Naked palette has been a cult favourite for many years and is a great choice for warm shades. If you’re looking for cool tones to bring out your lighter eyes and hair, go for the Naked palette 2, a gorgeous palette filled with cool-toned shadows.


Play-up your mascara

As a blonde, you’ll likely find that your eyelashes are light in colour and don’t show up well unless you have lots of mascara on. You may be tempted to go for a brown mascara, rather than black, but we recommend always opting for black mascara, dark mascara will always frame your eyes better and will make you lashes look thick, lustrous and healthy. In addition, dark mascara will provide more of a contrast between your eyes, skin and other features – which cosmetic scientists claim makes you look more attractive.

However, if you want to ditch convention and embrace a fun look, then why not embrace coloured mascaras and fun eyelashes? False eyelashes now come in a range of fun shapes and styles, if you’re going for an unconventional wedding style, why not embrace a more unique beauty look?

Beauty 101 for blondes

Styling your makeup as a blonde is easier than it first appears, brides-to-be with honeycomb locks will look striking in golds, coppers and warm beiges, while silvery blondes suit sugary pinks, peaches and nudes. Embrace mascara and a good base and you’ll look beautiful on your wedding day.

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