Makeup tips for brunettes

Eye makeup

Looking for advice on the best shades to go for as a brunette? Read on for our makeup guides for brunettes.

The best eye makeup

Eye makeup for brunettes should depend on your eye colour, as well as your hair colour and skin tone. In general, warm mocha shades will flatter brunette women, Schwarzkopf explore the ideal hues for the eyes in more depth:

“Brownish and grayish lid shadows are very beautiful for brunettes. The lid shadow may also contain a hint of red or yellow like you find it in mahogany or mocha. However, the deciding factor for the color of the lid shadow is the eye color.

  • Brunettes with blue eyes look particularly beautiful with grayish light purple hues.
  • Green eyes best come into their own with camel-beige, yellowish beige or mossy green lid shadows.
  • Gray eyes and brown hair are a marvellous combination especially with lid shadow in khaki or in a brownish rose shade.

Please note: If your eyes frequently show some redness you should steer clear of lid shadows with reddish or purple undertones. Under such circumstances, brownish or ash-colored lid shadows are better choices. Under no circumstances should you forget the make-up for your eyebrows. They are very important for your overall facial appearance. Brunettes should select brown hues with a grayish tinge (in case of cooler brown hair colors) or warm medium brown hues (in case your brown hair has reddish tones in it).”

Go for blush

For a healthy look that keeps you from looking washed out in your wedding photos reach for the blush. Pinks, red and bronzes all work beautifully as ideal blush shades for brunettes. Red brings a depth and richness to a brunettes’ look, pink brings a sweet, romantic feel and bronze (when lightly applied) looks natural and sunkissed.


Consider your hue

The best makeup shades for you will depend on your skintone and hair colour. Are you a pale brunette with mousy-brown hair? Soft pinks will work well for you as lip and cheek shades. Pale women with light brunette hair tend to have cool skin,meaning their skin has blue undertones, as such pink will play up both your skin tone and your hair and eye colour.

If you’re a brunette with darker hair and pale skin, then red is your shade. While a red lipstick looks great on everyone, it’s the perfect shade of lip colour for a pale, dark-haired brunette. Go for a red lipstick with a blue, as opposed to orange, base to best play up your gorgeous skin and features.

If you’re a brunette with an olive skin tone, embrace warm browns, nudes and peaches for you lipstick and blush colour, these shades will highlight the lovely warm tones in your skin.

Don’t forget to consider the tones in your hair as well, look over this sound advice from She Knows for guidance:

“When selecting your cosmetics, consider not just your main hair color but also your highlights. Brunettes with true blond highlights can wear makeup with pink undertones better than brown-eyed girls with red highlights can.

If you have chocolate brown hair and a medium to dark complexion, select honey shades of cosmetics and experiment with metallics on the eyes. However if you are fair-skinned, avoid mauve lip or cheek color and silver eye makeup.”

Consider every angle

When considering which makeup shades to go for on your wedding day, take into account that undertones in your skin and hair –  as well as your basic hair colour.

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