Perfect Proposals

Our blogs mainly talk about the planning of your big day but this week I have decided to talk about the proposal itself; just in case anyone needs some encouragement or some great ideas!

So, you have met the love of your life and you have decided that you are going to pop the question. Here are some fantastic ideas for you to think about.

Traditional -if you are a traditionalist at heart this is the proposal for you.

In times gone by the tradition has always been for the man to ask the father of the Bride’s permission then to get down on one knee with a beautiful ring and ask his beloved for her hand in marriage. Whilst this is still one of the top ways to propose, people are starting to change things a little- we now have ladies leap year proposals and dramatic and extravagant proposals to name a few!

Drama – If you love a bit of drama then public proposals might be more for you.

You could take out a full page advert in a newspaper or magazine you know your partner reads a lot and ask that way.  Why not go the extra mile and arrange a flash mob, hire an aeroplane to write it in the sky or you could go to one of your favourite places and get them involved with the proposal too!

Romantic – If you are a sweet casanova then there are plenty of romantic ideas for you to choose from.

You could wrap up an empty engagement ring box in several other larger boxes- by the time she gets to the box and opens it you can be down on one knee with the ring in your hand!  You can’t beat a nice romantic dinner at your favourite place with a glass of Champagne with the ring inside (make sure she doesnt swallow it!).  Or you always have Valentine’s day, Christmas day, your anniversary or birthdays to add extra romance.

Techno – If you love technology then let it really work for you.

If you are a technology geek there are several great ways you can use technology to propose.  You could create a video and put it on YouTube, make a podcast and stream it onto her iPad/iPhone or sneak a picture onto her Facebook with the message will you marry me? There are so many ways you can use technology whether you want to show the world or let it remain intimate and romantic.

So how will you pop the big question?

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