Adding the personal touch: Personalised place settings to custom illustrations

Out with the old and in with the new! This year, you’ll be seeing oversized bows everywhere, as they’re set to be the hot wedding trend for 2019. However, the dominant trend across the industry is personalisation. Adding the ‘personal touch’ to your wedding, from bespoke place settings to personalised cocktails, is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Take a look below at our Top Tips for personalising your wedding if you’re looking for some inspiration and make your nuptials stand out from the crowd.

1. Be Bold and Brave with Your Vision of Your Big Day

The number one thing to remember when planning your wedding is to do things the way you want to. Even if you’ve never heard, or could even imagine that someone else might have had the same idea, if you love the idea and think that it sums up what the two of you are like as a couple, then do it! @RockMyWedding featured one couple had given away personalised Converse Trainers as favours, offering a glowing review:

“If only we were a guest at this destination wedding so we could own a pair of personalised Converse Trainer Favours too!”

These unusual favours made a huge impression on the wedding guests, as well as being tremendously practical for high-heeled guests wanting to change out of their dancing shoes in the wee hours of the morning.

2. Be You

You should both be happy with every decision you make when planning your Big Day. Although there will be hard choices, particularly when working with your budget, the key to happiness is a compromise you can both live with.

When it comes to waking up on the day in question, you will probably wake up feeling a little nervous (that’s completely natural). You don’t want to have to rely on Dutch courage to steady yourself on the big day, but a cocktail might be a good idea! A really simple way to personalise your wedding is by selecting a signature cocktail. Start by choosing your favourite drink and then go from there! Think about ways that you could make your usual tipple that little bit more special.

3. Be Organised

As much fun as creating lots of personalised touches for your wedding is, the reality is that it is also very time consuming. It’s crucial that you are organised. You don’t want a last-minute panic two days before the wedding, trying to finish off making personalised confetti cones! If you want lots of personalised touches, the earlier you start making them, the better. You want to spend your last few hours as a singleton relaxing and enjoying yourself in style, not getting covered in glue, glitter or papier-mâché.

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