How to pick your bridesmaids

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Choosing your bridesmaids can be a stressful task. Many may be expecting a place in your bridesmaid line-up, and you may have to deal with disappointed friends and family members. However, this is your day – and you can’t keep everyone happy, so picking your bridesmaids based on some key factors, will make sure that your day runs smoothly. Read on for our advice on how to choose yours below.

Go with your gut

A key factor in choosing your bridesmaids, is to consider who is closest to you. Who has seen you through the hard times of your life? Who do you call when you have some exciting news? Who do you share the most inside jokes and stories of mayhem with? When first considering who you want your bridesmaids to be – go with your gut. Picking your bridesmaids based on your close emotional ties will go a long way in helping you to feel happy and supported in the runup to your wedding, and on the day itself.

Who will take the responsibility best?

With the title of bridesmaid, there comes some weighty responsibilities. Consider whether certain friends are up to the challenge of being your bridesmaids; you may have some fun-loving close friends, who may also happen to be a little scatterbrained and disorganised – in which case, would they be the best person to ask to help organise your wedding?

Steel yourself against the politics

Many people may have an opinion about who should be included in your bridesmaid lineup. A distant friend, who considers you to be closer than you personally feel you are, a well-meaning, but meddling family member – who brings you a list of ‘suitable’ choices, your mother-in-laws’ conviction that your sister-in-law-to-be should help carry your trailing veil: you cannot please everyone, so listen to your gut instinct!

It can be hard to resist the intense pressure, and to deal with disappointments and upsets, but planning your wedding is stressful enough without being coaxed and pressured into making decisions that aren’t right for you.

Consider their circumstances

You may have some favourite ladies in mind, but take into account whether it is best to ask your chosen friends based on their current life circumstances. Bridal Guide breaks down why this is so important:

“Factor in the lifestyle and current situation of those you intend to ask, and how it meshes or clashes with their responsibilities and your needs. For example, what if your sister lives in Alaska and your best friend just lost her job, or if another friend is so swamped with work or a new baby that she barely squeezes in a phone call, much less time to plan a bridal bash. All these circumstances impact a potential maid’s ability to do the best job possible.”

Making your choice

When choosing your bridesmaids, it’s best to listen to your own intuition, and not get swayed by the opinions of others. In addition, take the time to consider who will deal with the responsibility best – based on your friends’ personality traits and current life circumstances.

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