Post wedding blues

Sometimes, after months or even years of planning your wedding, the come down can be tough. The build up is so exciting, and the wedding day so wonderful, that you may feel sad when it’s all over. It’s a major life milestone, and you might be left with that “what now?” feeling.

Celebrity phycologist Jo Hemming told Hitched:

“After building yourself up to a huge, life-changing event, it’s no wonder brides experience an anti-climax afterwards. Your wedding day is like reaching a summit of a mountain or running a marathon; it’s the culmination of everything you’ve worked towards and you’ll experience exhilaration, pride, happiness and joy.”

Signs of Post Wedding Blues

We all suffer from down days, so after the huge build up to your wedding day, it is natural to feel a little deflated. It’s estimated that one in ten newlyweds will experience some form of depression after their wedding. There is often a feeling of anti-climax after any big event, whether that is a holiday or even Christmas, so it is unsurprising that some feel a little down after their wedding day.

Post wedding depression may show itself as feeling bored, unmotivated, lethargic, as well as an overwhelming feeling of sadness or loneliness. Although you may feel sad that your wedding day over, now is the time to think of the exciting days ahead.

Cheer Up!

The big day may be over, but now is the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. There are many ways to deal with post wedding blues, and even avoid them altogether.

There are lots of things to look forward to after your wedding, such as your wedding photos coming back from the photographer. Why not make an occasion of it? Cosy up together, create a romantic atmosphere and have a evening looking though your wedding photos, reminiscing about your special day.

Another idea is to not have your honeymoon directly after your wedding. Instead, book your honeymoon a few months after your nuptials, giving you both something to look forward to.

Keep the romance alive by having date nights with your spouse. Plan weekends away, romantic meals, and give each other special gifts. Have movie nights, make plans for your future, create a list of things you want to together, and surprise your other half with romantic gestures. These little things will keep the sparks flying and give you both plenty to look forward to, even after the big day.

If you are still feeling down after a month or more, you could try taking up some gentle exercise such as yoga, to get your emotional balance back. Remember you have both passed major milestone. It will take time for you both to adjust, so focus on the wonderful reasons you got together in the first place.

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