Quirky and must have shots to ask your photographers for

Bride and groom model outside Leez in the snow

As long as you hire an experienced and professional wedding photographer to capture your day, you can be confident that they’ll get all of the standard shots you’d expect from a wedding. You’ll have photos of the ceremony, the first kiss and the bridal party. If you arrange it in advance, you’ll also have snaps of yourself and your partner getting ready before the big day.

However, there are some photos your photographer may not get unless you ask for them in advance. Putting a bit of time and effort into planning your photos is important because, as Boho Weddings points out “your photos are the only lasting memory you will have of the day, and if they don’t turn out as you want, then your memories will be ruined”.To make sure you have as many memories of your day as possible, take a look at the best quirky and must have shots every couple should have.

Must have: Generations

If you’re lucky enough to have a few generations of your family at your wedding, it’s important to get a few shots of you all together. A photograph of you with your mum and gran will be hugely evocative, especially if you all show your wedding rings off to the camera.

If you want to turn this into more of a wedding theme, round up all of your immediate female relatives for a larger photo call. Your groom can do a corresponding picture with the male half of the family.

Quirky: The groom in the bride’s palm

Perspective can be used to great effect in wedding photos. If the groom takes a few steps back and the photographer is at the right angle, it will look like the groom is standing in the bride’s palm. If you want to inject more humour into the shoot, you can even have a shot of the groom being crushed under the bride’s shoe or being firmly placed under the thumb.

Must have: Table seating plan

Though it may not sound like the most exciting snap, a photo of your seating plan will help you to remember who exactly attended your big day. What’s more, it will be a good memento of your wedding stationery and colour theme.

A bride with her arms around the groom

Quirky: The flower girl in the wedding dress

Before you put the dress on, have one of your flower girls wear the oversized frock. This will make a cute photo for the album and be a fantastic gift to give when the girl grows up and has a wedding of her own.

Must have: Dad’s first look at the dress

The moment the father of the bride sees his daughter in her dress for the first time is irreplaceable. It’s well worth spending a little extra on the photographer to make sure they’re there for this crucial moment.

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