The rise of the barefoot bride

A barefooted bride

Some brides love nothing more than splashing out on a brand new pair of high heels for their big day. Many women put hours and hours of thought into their footwear, choosing different pairs for different moments of their wedding day. However, though heels have long been a traditional part of wedding attire, more and more brides are shunning shoes altogether and opting to go barefoot instead.

Adding an intimate, earthy and informal touch to the day, a barefoot bride will set the tone of the wedding and let everyone know just what sort of ceremony they’re in for. A fantastic choice for bohemian weddings, summer soirees and hippie happenings, going barefoot can help the bride to feel more relaxed, more comfortable and a lot more confident on her feet.


Unless you wear heels every day, the chances are you find these elevated shoes a little uncomfortable. Notorious for causing blisters, aches and pains, poorly fitting high heeled shoes can put a real dampener on your evening. Though this may not be the end of the world if you’re a guest at a party or event, if it’s your own wedding, you want to be able to enjoy every single moment of the day, without having to worry about painful feet.


With everyone dressed in their best clothes and on their very best behaviour, weddings can often start out a little on the formal side. Though this normally wears off as soon as guests get their hands on the first round of welcome drinks, a reserved atmosphere can often make the beginning of the wedding ceremony feel a little stunted.

Going barefoot will show your guests that they can relax and be themselves. It removes the formality of the day and makes the ceremony feel even more intimate. Have your wedding party go shoeless too for maximum impact.

A shoe outside a doorConfidence

A common fear that many brides share is falling down the aisle on their wedding day. Going barefoot will help you to feel more grounded and more confident and, as Society Wellness says, “many people notice that they feel better when they walk barefoot on the Earth. Such contact is known as Earthing or grounding”. Research has shown that feeling grounded in this way can make people feel less stressed and more confident, two things you’ll need on your wedding day.


Last but definitely not least, a great reason for going barefoot is simply style. As long as you’ve invested in a pedicure, going barefoot can look fantastic. Whether you’re getting married in a summer garden or an orangery; or in a gorgeous country house, going barefoot can add to your look and help you to complete your unique wedding aesthetic.

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