Rock ‘n’ roll weddings

A musician rocking out

Of all the potential wedding themes out there – and we know better than most just how many there are to choose from – Rock ‘n’ Roll has to be one of the most versatile. As well as giving you the perfect excuse for a killer playlist, a rock and roll wedding is a great chance to get creative with your outfits, your décor and even your menu. When it comes to this rebellious theme, no demand is too ostentatious, too outrageous or too over the top for your rock and roll wedding.

The look

The overall look of your rock and roll wedding will make it or break it. From the centrepieces to the bridesmaids’ dresses and the hairdos to the place settings, every single part of your wedding will have an impact on its look and on its success.

As there will be an awful lot of decisions to make when designing your wedding, start by focusing on a few key aspects to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed.

The invitations, the wedding transport and the outfits for the bridal party will make important first impressions and set the tone for the day.

Getting these right will help ensure your rock and roll wedding gets off to the perfect start. Also, make sure to tell your guests in the invites that they should dress accordingly.

The details

Once you’ve nailed the show-stopping elements, it’s time to move on to those all-important details.

Add a rock n roll feel to your table settings by using old whiskey bottles as candleholders, records as placemats; and by placing old amps and guitars around the space. Have your groomsmen wear Converse trainers, your bridesmaids wear leather boots and give everyone in your wedding party a rock n roll makeover just for the day.

Putting on a wedding dress

The music

Your wedding music is the perfect opportunity to showcase your theme, your taste and your awesome record collection. What’s more, packing your playlist with irresistible dance floor fillers will ensure your guests have a great time and that your wedding goes off with a bang. As entertainment experts Sternberg Clarke say, “Whilst not everyone will be able to remember what they had for a starter, everyone will remember that one band that rocked your wedding so hard that even your mother-in-law gets on the dancefloor”.

The photos

The style of your photos will have a big impact on how you, and your guests, remember your day. Make sure that your photographer knows your rock and roll theme and understands the look you’re going for. If they’re good at their job, they’ll be able to use their photographic skills to get you the aesthetics you want and give you photos you can treasure forever.

If you’re looking for a venue for a rock and roll wedding of your own, have a look at Leez Priory – a venue with a medieval feeling that could be the perfect backdrop for a rock and roll celebration.

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