How to embrace a rustic wedding theme

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A rustic wedding scheme emphasises warmth and charm. By using natural decor and earthy hues, this style choice will win the hearts of your guests with a welcoming atmosphere. If you’re dreaming of a rustic wedding, then take a look at our styling tips in this post.

Colour scheme

A rustic colour scheme is one that is drenched in warm hues – think bronzes, dark reds and auburns. Bring these colours into every element of your wedding, from the invitations to your floral decorations. When considering your metallics, go for bronzes and golds as the perfect complement to reds and browns.



How you present yourselves as the bride and groom alongside your wedding party can add rustic allure to the big day. Matching bowties, ties and bridesmaid dresses should be bronze, burnt orange or mahogany. You can even mix and match with this colour scheme like the fallen leaves of a forest in Autumn.

As the bride to be, embrace accessories that showcase foliage and wild flowers. A gorgeous floral crown is a wonderful way to bring a rustic vibe to your bridal attire. Embrace crowns that showcase seasonal flowers and or go for classic buds, such as roses.

When it comes to the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, choose flowers in autumnal colours and embrace wildflowers for a romantic, bohemian look. Adding the right foliage to any bouquet will add contrast and draw the eye to the colour scheme.

Rustic theme


Your venue will take centre stage when it comes to your rustic wedding theme. The right wedding venue in this instance is one with historic grandeur, rather than a modern venue.

Exposed red brick interiors, open fireplaces and expansive gardens are all features you should look for in your venue. Leez Priory offers all the typical charm and character of a classic rustic wedding venue.


When it comes to your wedding decor, oft for vintage, worn accessories over their more polished counterparts. The Wedding Outlet explores this in more detail:

“Rustic wedding accessories have become all the rage in the wedding industry. This year’s new arrivals have been designed with a rustic vintage flair, whether covered in burlap or lace, these accessories will complement a rustic wedding theme. You’ll find a variety of country chic accessories including popular pieces like mason jar vases, burlap favors, country lace collections and gold decor!”

Rustic themed

Rustic wedding

A rustic wedding is the perfect choice for the bohemian at heart. Warm hues, a vintage venue and wild flowers in your bouquets and floral arrangements are all perfect for your dream day.

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