5 seasonal clichés to embrace at your winter wedding

It isn’t all about summer time – there are pros and cons to getting married in all four seasons. Each offers its own unique magic to ensure a great day and special photographs. Even the royals are choosing to wed out of season, take Princess Eugenie and Jack’s wedding as a recent example. Winter in particular offers a number of plus points for those looking to marry in the most picturesque conditions, especially if you get the right weather for it. Event organiser Michelle Leo Cousins explains, in this blog post for Bridal Guide:

“When we’re lucky enough that it has snowed and everything is white, we love that any color palette just pops because the world has been neutralized. This goes for not just colors but for lighting too, you’re just turning it up a notch.”

Winter wedding

As with any season, winter comes with its own set of seasonal clichés, especially with Christmas and New Year taking up so many guests’ thoughts. Embracing, not avoiding, these clichés could be the key to hosting an unforgettable winter wedding celebration. Read on for how to use the seasonal cliches to your advantage.

Winter weather

The unpredictability of the great British weather is something everyone has to contend with. With the right planning, however, you can use the most unfortunate seasonal cliché to your advantage.

Whether it’s snow, rain, or heavy wind you face, clothing choices will be key. Winter brides look fabulous in long sleeve wedding gowns, whilst sensible winter bridal accessories like faux fur stoles, veils, and capes look stylish. Winter grooms can also blaze a trail with a velvet suit or accessories to stay on-trend and warm. Guests to winter weddings will love little touches like umbrellas, raincoats, and blankets too.

Christmas colour schemes

Berry reds, burgundies, blacks, and golds may be linked to another winter-specific occasion but that doesn’t mean these shades have to be avoided for your winter wedding. Christmas-inspired colour palettes look great and provide a richness and warmth that should be enjoyed by all. Lots of natural greenery will also add the right rustic twist to your wedding décor.

Winter inspired favours

Opting for favours that are inspired by winter doesn’t mean you lack imagination. There are so many seasonally appropriate, festive favour ideas that are guaranteed to make your guests grin. Candy canes, homemade mulled wine, personalised baubles, and mini Christmas trees that guests can plant at home are all excellent ideas and truly memorable favour options.

Snow heart

After dark entertainment

Sometimes, going back to basics is best. This is especially true when selecting wedding entertainment options for winter time. Make the most of the dark nights with a firework display to add to the festive feel.

Deck the Halls

Those marrying just before Christmas shouldn’t ignore this iconic occasion. At CHW, we stylise our venues with beautiful trees and decorations. You are also welcome to add any additional decorations at your pleasure.

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