Should I send thank you cards?

Each wedding guest has a special place at your wedding, whether it’s your loving and supportive parents, the friends that shaped your early years or the work colleagues you see every day. Guests honour you with their presence on this special day, but many also bring gifts. Although most couples choose to give out unforgettable favours to guests, there are a number of ways to say thank you.

Thank you

Many newlyweds underestimate the humble thank you note. A thank you card, note or message is a lovely touch and can bring wedding memories flooding back to you and your guests in the weeks and months that follow. In this blog post, we delve deeper into the benefits of sending thank you cards, and uncover when and how to say “thank you” to your guests.

Thank you cards: the final wedding responsibility

Thanking your guests properly post-wedding is a lovely gesture. It lets them know that you appreciated their love and support both on the big day and in the run-up to it. If you decide to send cards, you should send them to every guest on your list, regardless of the size of their gift or contribution. They may have lent their time and effort to do something special for you, like throw your engagement party or host a bridal shower.

Sending thank you notes is a wedding responsibility that is all too easy to forget, particularly if you’ve just arrived back from your honeymoon or are busy enjoying newly married life. Make sending thank you cards your final wedding responsibility. Trust us, your guests will appreciate being thanked.

The dos and don’ts of thank you notes

Saying thank you isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are so many ways you can word thank you notes, which makes writer’s block a very real struggle for couples penning their cards post-wedding. Handwritten, personalised notes are preferred, whilst timing the sending of your cards is also something that should be handled with consideration. Brides Magazine advises couples to send them sooner rather than later:

“Top wedding experts recommend sending your wedding thank you cards out no later than three months after receiving your wedding gifts. To make sure you stay on top of them though, it’s best to write them soon after you receive them, this way you avoid having your thank you card wedmin pile up, or worse, completely forget to send them at all.”

Preparations for sending thank you notes should begin during the wedding planning stage. Keep your final guest list handy, collect the addresses of these guests in advance and be sure to make a note after your wedding regarding what you need to thank each guest for.

Still struggling with the wording of your thank you cards? Take some inspiration from these wedding thank you card templates.

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