How likely is it to snow on your wedding day?

When selecting your wedding date, every season has its pros and cons. Early spring, for instance, can be a little unpredictable weather wise, making it a risky season for those looking to tie the knot in perfect weather conditions. Even summer, the most popular to get married in with the percentage of marriages taking place from June to September increasingly rapidly since the 1980s, has its disadvantages. Those looking to tie the knot in a romantic setting and embrace the increased venue and supplier availability may find getting married in winter is the best option.

Although the chances of being greeted by rainy, windy and generally unpleasant weather are a lot higher when hosting a winter wedding, those lucky enough to experience snow on their wedding day are in for a treat. Even a light dusting is enough to transform your wedding venue into a winter wonderland, but just how likely is it to snow on your wedding day? Here we reveal this season’s odds for snow as well as share our top tips for preparing for a truly magical and spectacularly snowy winter wedding.

Your chances of a white winter wedding

No one can predict the weather, especially when venues are booked and dates saved as far in advance as two years before the big day. Those getting married this December, however, may be in for a white wedding, particularly if the wedding day is in the latter part of the month. With the promise of snow comes plummeting temperatures, which means brides- and grooms-to-be should cover up if they’re planning to make the most of the snow covered scenes. The presence of snow may be short-lived due to the El Nino weather phenomenon. It will mean widespread rain and wind for much of December.

Into the New Year, winter weather conditions are set to continue, although according to AccuWeather’s long range predictions, forecasts could be 1 degree Celsius higher than usual. Snow may fall at times throughout the rest of the winter season with the chances of a real white wedding higher the further north you are.

Preparing for snow on your wedding day

The prospect of snow is an exciting one for those planning to tie the knot during winter but with the white stuff comes a whole host of challenges. Without the right prep, unexpected flurries could put a dampener on your special day.

Be prepared for a snow day with a back-up plan, especially if you intend to take some of your festivities outdoors, i.e. to capture some pictures. Advise your guests on the most weather appropriate attire, not forgetting to take note of the advice yourself. There are some stunning winter-inspired accessories available that will complement your bridal look and keep you toasty in the process. Keeping yourself and your guests comfortable is of the utmost importance, and as Martha Stewart Weddings describes, working with your venue is a great place to begin:

“To increase the coziness factor, offer warm beverages to fight any lingering chill—think hot chocolate, warm cider, and coffee. Also consider passing out blankets, or laying them out in baskets throughout your reception venue.”

Snowfall could mean great things for your marriage

Were you lucky enough to have snow on your wedding day? It could mean great things for your marriage! According to wedding folklore, snow on your big day is a sign of fertility and prosperity.

We’re getting in the festive spirit too! Here at Leez Priory, we have Christmas decorations up throughout December to provide the perfect atmosphere for people tying the knot with a winter wedding. Our two log fires will also be lit to add some more festive magic and much needed warmth during one of the most wonderful times of the year.

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