How to have a Stranger Things style wedding

With more retro charm and nostalgic touches than you can shake a stick at, Stranger Things is one of the most popular TV shows of recent years. The perfect choice for a 1980s inspired wedding theme, the show offers plenty of stylish aesthetics and a great choice of props and accessories for you to work with. As @BridalMusings says:

“Giving a theme or concept to your wedding is the easiest way to make it look and feel cohesive, stylish and professionally put together.”

Spooky sky

So why not base your big day around your favourite TV series and make the day one that everyone will remember forever?



Although there are some aspects of the Stranger Things aesthetic you wouldn’t necessarily want to include in your wedding day, there are a number of sets and accessories in the show that would lend themselves perfectly to your big day.

One of the easiest things to take from the show are the fairy lights that Will’s mum uses to communicate with her lost son in the first season. Joyce Byers puts the lights up all around her house to help Will get his message across. On one wall she even writes out the letters of the alphabet beneath each bulb. You can use this design feature to decorate your space and even to spell out a message on the wall of your venue. If you want to go a step further, find wallpaper or fabric with a 1980s pattern and place it behind the bulbs as well as on your cake and present tables.

The Snow Ball

The end of season two of Stranger Things culminates in the gang dancing at their school Snow Ball. If you want a more comprehensive theme, you could recreate the Snow Ball in your venue, complete with 80s décor, punch bowls and other retro accessories. If you’ve always wanted to go to an American prom, this could be the perfect excuse to live your dream.



When it comes to a Stranger Things wedding, the more 80s you can go with your outfit, the better. Watch a few episodes of the show for inspiration and then hit the shops to find the perfect accessories for your wedding outfit. Make your theme even more successful by asking guests to get involved. Give them at least a few months to source their retro-inspired outfits, so they have plenty of time to find the best threads for the occasion.


Throughout both series of the show, main character “Eleven” is hooked on Eggo Waffles. Although these may be a little hard to come by in 21st century Britain, you can swap them for retro chocolate waffle biscuits or other 80s nibbles, and give them out as favours to your guests. Alternatively you could give your guests Stranger Things inspired thank you cards to show your appreciation for their efforts on the day.

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