How to style your flower girls

Holding flowers

There are many ways to style your flower girls so that they look adorable on your wedding day. Read on for our advice on picking the right accessories and styling their dresses beautifully.

The dresses

A flower girl dress is typically streamlined at the top and opens out into a full skirt, like an a-line dress or a mermaid dress. Embellishments will help add charm and colour to the dresses, so experiment with lace overlays, ribbons, a sash around the waist, as well as sequins, beading, or crystals. A young flower girl will love wearing a dress with pretty embellishments.

Pastel colours are normally the go-to hue for a young flower girl dress. However, cream, white and bolder shades can also work well depending on your own colour scheme. It can be a good idea to replicate the hues of your bridesmaids dresses in your flower girl dresses – either by choosing the same shade of fabric, or by using the same shade for sashes or other accessories. Bridal Guide advises exploring pastels for your flower girl dresses:

“Flower girls don’t necessarily have to wear white. Lemon yellows, mint greens, and pretty pinks are popular choices for flower girls. Candy-colored frocks perfectly complement the sweetness of these little girls. You can even match the flower girl’s dress to the flowers at your wedding!”


Flower girl

A lovely way to tie your flower girls’ look in with your own and that of your bridesmaids is by giving them their own floral bouquets. You could have them match, or alternatively you might give their bouquets a unique configuration. Add in some of the flowers from your own bouquet though, to ensure their look is in keeping with yours.

Another idea is to have the flower girls each hold a single flower of your choosing as they walk down the aisle.

Floral hair accessories

Flowers in hair

Floral hair accessories are the perfect accessory of choice for your flower girls. Floral crowns have been a popular bridal beauty trend for the last few years and they can look equally wonderful on your flower girls. Delicate floral crowns with small blooms, such as a daisy chain floral crown, will look sweet and endearing on a young flower girl. In contrast, a full flower crown with large flowers will make a bold and colourful statement. A wildflower crown, or one that uses natural flowers, is also a striking choice for a bohemian wedding.

Single flowers are also a great hair accessory choice for a flower girl. Go for a flower that is already prominent in your own bouquet or other floral arrangements. A single flower can look pretty on a loose, natural hair-do, tucked behind the ear. For a more polished look, add a single flower to a styled updo or use a floral hair band to secure a ponytail or plait.

A dreamy flower girl look

Dreamy flower girl

Flower girls suit pretty pastels, they will love wearing dresses with embellishments and sparkles, and will look classically charming with some pretty floral hair accessories. Match their flowers and the hues of their accessories with your bridesmaid bouquets and dresses to tie their looks in with the rest of your bridal party.

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