The best ideas for styling a summer wedding

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Ah summer! A time when we embrace all those bright and joyful colours. If you’re having a wedding during this magical season, it’s a time to think about those many brilliant ways you can style it. In this post, Leez Priory offers up some tips on making your summer wedding the most decorative and cheerful of the season!

Retro candy

Something retro fused with candy colours is just the ticket for a gorgeous summer wedding theme. Well, that’s what we thought when we saw this idea from Leanne Smith in Confetti. About the theme, she writes:

“Retro weddings come with bright colours and everything sweet, like colourful candy and flowers in all manner of vivid hues. Glass bottles and mini jars, striped sweet bags and novelty popcorn cartons, polka dot fabrics and textured accessories—these are the things that will make your colourful retro wedding burst with summer fun. You can afford to be bold in a summer retro wedding—wear bright coloured shoes and a beautiful flower crown, and add a blush of colour to your tea-length wedding dress!”

The retro candy style conjures up a flurry of images, from the halcyon days of 1950’s America to the exciting world of 1960’s London.

A cacophony of colour

When we think of summer, thoughts of village fetes and carnivals come to mind. In keeping with this idea, why not incorporate elements of a village fete into your wedding? For example, as Lauren Fraser writes in Wedding Ideas Mag: “Present your wedding favours in striped paper bags at each place setting to create a colourful spread across your reception tables.” How fabulous is that!

In terms of styling the rest of your tables, consider brightly coloured tablecloths and adding some Union Jack bunting across each one to really capture the village fete vibe. There are other embellishments you could add, like jam jars filled with peppermint candy canes or wildflowers. Old-fashioned teacups are marvellous too.

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Summer cocktail Stations

One thing synonymous with summer (for us adults anyway) is cocktails! From Pimms to gin, summertime marks the start of the drinks fest. A neat idea is to have small cocktail stations positioned around your reception room. Ask your venue to fill them with all the traditional cocktail must-haves, and set a floral theme for each one. You could make it more specific. For instance, one might have a summer rose theme, scattered with blooming roses and laden with luscious red drinks. Another might be a different flower – follow your own instincts.

Beautifully bold

Summer is a time to be extravagant and bold with your flowers. For your reception tables, choose the brightest and boldest arrangements you can find. Sunflowers, tulips and peonies all create a mesmerising rainbow of colour. You could temper the brightness by opting for a crisp white or beige table cloth. This would be a wonderful fit for a garden theme, so in addition to the flowers you could write your place names on tiny terracotta pots or miniature silver garden tools.

These three style ideas are just a jumping off point. We hope you were inspired by these choices, and if you have a favourite we’d love to hear about it!

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