Table plans

The table plan is always something that you think won’t take too long but in fact you’re still sitting there a month later staring at the same piece of paper wondering whether you should sit this family with that family. Then once that’s all done the fun begins and you get the chance to design and create your own unique table plan.


This is where we at Leez Priory can help you by giving you lots of ideas for different styles of table plans. Whether they be landscape or portrait, black & white or colour, large or small we can help give you a few ideas to show some different styles.


We love the elegant detailing and simplicity of the above table plan. The colour is very neutral and will fit with most themes. White or ivory is the best colour to go for if you can’t decide on a style for your table plan.


Go for something completely different and really quirky with a table plan like the above flower pot. No sticking or gluing required, just a few pretty roses to tie your table plan into your colour scheme.


Make your table plan more personal by including the locations that you have visited as a couple. This is a lovely way to show your family and friends the journeys you have been on together.

photo 2

Or why not let us do all the work for you with one of our bespoke Leez Priory table plans?


There will always be a table plan to suit your theme and your wedding. We have seen so many amazing table plans and cant wait to see what will be next!!

Jess at Leez Priory


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