Top 5 timeless wedding gifts

Wedding gift ideas

Whether you’re an old uni friend of the groom or the bride’s best pal, buying the right wedding gift is a challenge. This is a gift that has to mean something, not a “unique” or a novelty item. With that in mind, Leez Priory venue has chosen a list of timeless wedding gifts the couple will treasure forever – from the sentimental to the practical.

It’s no use buying something out of the ordinary if the couple aren’t actually going to like it. Instyle magazine hilariously summed it up: “Yes, a bird cage may seem like a cool idea, but trust us, it’s probably not on every couple’s wedding wish-list. Instead, opt for a classic present that will actually be of use and that the newly-weds will ultimately remember you by (and not despise you for.)”

1. Beautiful China

It’s a classic! Trust us, buying your friends some superb bone china as a wedding gift will bring a smile to their faces. Be it a simple tea set or dinner service, there’s plenty to choose from. It’s always a good idea to look into the couples taste in chinaware though, even if you have to take a sneaky peek in their kitchen cupboard while you’re visiting.

Remember, if in doubt, you can always opt for plain white.

2. An Elegant Photoframe

For this gift, go for something elegant and opulent, depending on the style of the couple in question. If they’re lovers of the thoroughly modern, then a bit contemporary chic will be easy to find. As Abi Gilman writes in Bonton Blog: “A nice frame is a great gift for the couple who already has their home sweet home established.” These days, it’s usually the case that couples will already live together before they both walk down the aisle, so it’s ideal!

3. Bespoke Wedding Album

For the best friend of either bride or groom, a wedding gift can be even tougher than usual. It’s easier if you get something heartfelt, rather than expensive. A bespoke wedding album might be the answer. Using the couple’s favourite colours and patterns, it can be a compilation of photos you know they’ll love. It’s an awesome gift if done correctly, and needn’t cost the Earth.

4. Pots and Pans

It might seem old fashioned, but kitchen essentials can be a godsend for newlyweds. The current prevailing culture of renting property – especially before marriage – can make it difficult to acquire and collect a full complement of kitchen items. If the couple are planning on some new additions to the family, a well-equipped kitchen is a necessity. It doesn’t have to be something they would use everyday, it could be a standalone purchase like a mixer. Useful, but not so vital that they already own one!

5. Wine Accessories

Come on, what couple out there doesn’t love a bit of vino? Wine accessories can be a brilliant gift. There’s a range of items you can invest in, from traditional corkscrews and bottle stoppers, to customised decanter sets. This might be a moment to try antique shopping, since classic items can be found in most major towns. If all else fails, you could do worse than a truly nice bottle of wine – perhaps one that you have shared with the couple before.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our timeless wedding gifts list. Have you had to buy a wedding gift recently that would fit our list? Get in touch!

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