Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box is what planning wedding should entail. Weddings are all about a declaration of love mixed with revelry and a solemn binding of two souls. It’s the perfect time to really let your imagination run wild. Execute ideas that will make your loved ones remember your big day for a long time to come.

Holding hands

Something to remember is being unique with your wedding ideas need not necessarily mean going overboard in the aesthetics stakes, like having a ginormous cake fit for Marie Antoinette. Something minimalist, if executed well, can be just as eye-catching and definitely just as charming. For example, maybe incorporating different traditions from other cultures.

These ideas have been carefully selected and range from the lavish to the minimalist.

For book lovers

We simply adore this idea from Bridal Guide: “Pablo Neruda is the world’s most romantic poet,” sats Bussen. “And a modern, pretty paperback edition of his love poems makes a wonderful, lasting guest favor that’s much more meaningful than a bag of Jordan almonds! If you buy in bulk, you might get a discount — contact your bookseller directly. And don’t forget to add a personalized bookmark thanking your friends and family for sharing your big day with you.”

If you’re from a bookish family, then both you and your guests will be overjoyed and very touched by this little, yet very unique addition to the proceedings.

Pre ceremony tipple

Yet another simplistic yet totally off the wall idea is serving drinks before the ceremony begins, maybe a light cocktail or fruity pink gin and tonic, will be the ideal way to start the day off in a fun and laid back way. If you’re having a traditional ceremony things can be quite solemn, so with this, it will certainly brighton the day up a little.

Pre ceremony tipple

Minimalist bouquet

Sometimes a bit of contemporary, minimal beauty can be the best way in which to catch people’s attention. Talk to your florist about creating a bouquet that is both stunning, yet stripped back. Some of the most creative bouquets have been minimalist, featuring things one wouldn’t expect, like long twigs and branches. Get thinking, and see what you can come up with.

Top toppers

A truly amazing idea, and one that we just adore, is to get creative with your cake topper. Often, it’s a ubiquitous plastic bride and groom or a few flowers for good measure. Now this is still something which has its charms, but it’s time now to think differently, in the words of the late Steve Jobs. For example, for a phrase like “light of my life” have that inscribed in beautiful gold on a vintage light bulb. If you’re a couple who loves everything rustic, then get a local artisan to create two traditional corn dollies to place on top.

Really, there’s so many ideas you can come up with, the more off-beat the better.

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